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DEMONS OF EDEN Series Glossary


Eden: Earth, categorized as one of the eleven worlds of the Superum. First discovered by the Empress’s conjurers, Eden became her personal reservation, her garden. Through the Empress’s benevolent genetic manipulations, a higher order of intelligent life was born, homo sapiens. In later centuries, the Garden of Eden and its man-made civilizations fell into chaos, manipulated and corrupted by Incarnate with god-like powers. Biblical and Judaic origin.

Superum: The eleven worlds terraformed and colonized by the Empress. Eventually, Eden – Earth – became separated from the Superum when its gate was permanently closed during the Operti Wars. Once governed by her love and guidance, when the Empress disappeared to escape rebellion, the worlds of the Superum fell into feudal systems run by authoritarian Incarnate warlords, the Principe. Latin origin – heaven or heavenly bodies.
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Deva: Practitioner of conjurings on the aether. One whose life is devoted to the Vedic way, to reconcile the lost world of Eden with the other worlds of the Superum. Devas plunge into the aether to make spiritual connections with the minds of humans in Eden. They ply their influence on the people of Eden in hopes of reopening the gateway between worlds. Hindu Vedic era literature origin.

Conjurings: Deva’s making connection across the aether. A form of influence or possession over the minds of the men and women of Eden. Powerful conjurings can gift the host with clairvoyance, psychometry, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis and other forms of extra sensory perception. Unskilled conjurings result in horrific accidents, strange paranormal ghost phenomenon, malevolent spiritual possession (i.e.: someone needs an exorcism), schizophrenia, multiple personality disorders, madness, and death. Latin and Middle English origin.
Aether: The manifestation of mind and soul at the quantum level. Each mind has a wavelength, a presence and form that exists within and outside the body. Aether is the collective wavelength atmosphere flowing across each of the eleven worlds of the Superum. Skilled Devas using special dimensio armor can surf the aether to connect with the minds of gifted humans and build relationships or affect conjurings. Greek origin.
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Dimensio: Dimensional barriers. Body armor gear that allows Devas to penetrate gravitational and dimensional barriers to manifest in spirit across the aether in attempt to influence humans through conjurings and relationships. Latin origin.
Perturbateur: Dimension and space-time disrupter. Equipment is large and bulky, installed on Mithra’s platform. Causes space-time breakage and particle disruption. Aids the Deva to penetrate the aether across great distances, and through dimensional barriers. French origin.
Pérasma: A stone fortress housing gateways (wormholes) leading to each world of the Superum. All worlds are accessible through the hall of the Pérasma  except for the closed gate of EdenConstructed by the Empress as a transport hub for travel between her terraformed worlds, the fortress exists in perpetual flux, a dimension outside space and time, simultaneously connected to each planet, yet not resident in any known world. As the Empress and her city of Atlantis are long gone, so are the ancient arts and technologies incorporated into the PérasmaOnly the few remaining Incarnate and their Devas retain the archived knowledge to generate gateways traversing the worlds across the Pérasma. Greek Origin – passage.

Incarnate: Officers of the Empress charged with the responsibility of protecting Eden and shepherding the tribes of humanity. Each god-like Incarnate is endowed with powerful supernatural gifts from the Empress. Capable of great feats of skill, carrying centuries of wisdom and experience, Incarnate live several hundred years and archive their full knowledge. Incarnate are reborn into identical, healthy bodies via resurrection nodes gifted by the Empress. Memory archives are implanted at rebirth and the Incarnate lives again with full access to centuries of archives for reference. Most Incarnate perished in the Operti Wars, their resurrection nodes and archives destroyed by Isolationist rebels. Latin and Middle English origin.
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Cambion: Mythology considers cambion demonic creatures with malevolent, monstrous capabilities. Any creature who shapeshifts or feeds on the blood of its victims to live. A dark, dangerous, seemingly evil person with animalistic, predatory, or demonic characteristics. Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters. Early Incarnate archives evidence cambion bloodlines originated from the Empress’s failed genetic experiments. Through tenacity and vicious predation, cambion survived many attempts to purge them from existence over the centuries. The word is an insult, i.e.: unclean, filthy, mutated and malignant. Medieval European mythology origin.
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Principe: Warlords who once served as Incarnate officers of the Empress. The Empress’s disappearance, and the aftermath of the Operti Wars led to a brutal feudal system of world government. Each of the ten worlds accessible from the Pérasma are ruled by a reigning warlord. Principe abandoned the search for the Empress to focus efforts on maintaining order and civilization through dictatorial rule. Latin and Italian origin.
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The Cardo: The axis, hinge, or pivot point. The Cardo is the one person empowered to use the Asi to open the gate of Eden. The Cardo controls the gate to Eden and thereby all travel to and from Eden. Only humans with special inherited DNA, descended from the ancient lineage of the Nephilim, can wield the intense heat and power. For two thousand years, no human has survived the fusion reaction that activates the Asi to open the Seal of Solomon. Without the Cardo, the gateway between worlds will remain forever closed. Latin and Italian origin.
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Asi: Weapons of great power forged by the Empress’s finest weapon smiths as the only keys able to activate the gateway to Eden. The Asi were originally created for King Solomon the Wise, and later lost by war and thievery. Apart from the Asi hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives, the location or existence of the other Asi are unknown. Hindu Mahabharata origin.
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Resurrection nodes: Rebirth cloning machines designed for the Empress's Incarnate officers. When activated, the node births a fully adult Incarnate clone, then implants the life memories of the recently deceased Incarnate (the quickening). The newborn Incarnate rises in perfect health with full knowledge, memories, and instantly accessible archives of their many past lives. Latin and English origin.

Operti Wars: During the Roman-Parthian wars of 60 BC, Isolationist rebels spread across the eleven worlds of the Superum and gathered forces to strike at the Pérasma. They fought to close each gate, based on the ideals that every world deserved to live free of the interference of the Empress and her corrupt Incarnate officials. Rebels burned and sunk the city of Atlantis in attempt to root out the Empress’s power. She escaped their hordes and disappeared into the Pérasma. Isolationists convinced the Cardo in Babylon to seal the gate to Eden, and cut off support between Rome and the Superum. The gate has never been reopened. Latin origin – closing.
The Seal of Solomon: A gateway device activated by the Cardo using the Asi as the key. The Seal opens the only gate to and from Eden, to the main hall of the Pérasma. Custody of both The Seal and the Asi remained in Babylon until the 12th century, when the Knights Templar stole both enchanted devices during the holy wars. In the early 13th century, Vatican officials assimilated the wealth of the Knights Templar and hid the Seal and Asi in secret vaults within the Vatican. Biblical and Judaic origin.

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Blood Slaves and #BDSM #Romance?

May 17-23 enjoy two dark erotic romance novels for only $.99 each! 

BLOOD SLAVE By Travis Luedke

From the Ghettos of Spanish Harlem to a Manhattan penthouse, follow Hope's dark, sensual saga. Owned by Colombian Cartel and then kidnapped into service by vampire Enrique, Hope escapes one form of enslavement for another.

$.99 (normally $3.99)

SUBMIT BY TREATY  by Kayla Stonor

She offers sanctuary. He demands sexual torment.

Qui Commander Meseri is charged with reuniting Lieutenant Zeus Windsor with his team. She captures a man on the brink of insanity, a lethal soldier who kills any K’lahn in reach. Bound in submission to her sensual torment, Zeus finds reason to live – Meseri, a shapeshifting winged lizard who was once the enemy and now holds the key to his future.

$.99 (normally $2.99)

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He ruined her career and she locked him in chastity #BDSM #ASMSG

UBV Cover 600
Deep undercover, a mission to take down an international trafficking ring leads Jenna Tayler into the dark side of sexual slavery — an exclusive conspiracy selling wealthy women retribution for their wayward men. To infiltrate the Kabas operation, she’s forced to turn against her fellow agent, Ryan Crichten.
Maddeningly arrogant. British. Sexy alpha male. Ryan signed up for any mission, whatever the cost, but his reactions to being abducted must ring true or Jenna’s cover is blown. Everything Jenna learned about safe, sane and consensual is scrapped. To keep Ryan alive and maintain cover, she must force him into submission.
She’ll do whatever it takes, but he’s not making the job easy.
Ryan believes Jenna to be CIA, on assignment to London. She catches his eye and throws him off-balance, but she’s in way over her head. When he pulls her off the team — for her own protection — she abducts him. The woman’s gone off the deep end, hell bent on subjecting him to constant sexual frustration. His elite spy training never prepared him for sensual torture, and the mixed signals from Jenna confuse the hell out of him.
She’s hiding something, and not just the key to his manhood.
This romantic suspense international spy novel is part of Kayla Stonor’s Surrender Collection:
#1 Under By Duress
#2 Under By Treaty
#3 Under By Vengeance
Reader please note: Kayla Stonor’s steamy romance novels can be dark and edgy, hot and wicked, punishing and uplifting. If you find certain themes uncomfortable reading, these BDSM themed stories may not be for you. This erotic story includes tease and denial. Please see inside cover for further detail.

Read Preview On Amazon

Under By Vengeance available for Kindle devices, I-Pad, I-Phone via:
Under By Vengeance
Reviews for new edition
4* Amazon Review by Dee: “This story kept me engaged from start to finish.” Click here to see full review.
Reviews for previous edition: Locked In Torture.
4* Amazon Review by Crystal: “Author Kayla Stonor was able to weave a convincing BDSM/femdom storyline with a hint of suspense and a HEA.” Clickhere to see full review.
4* Goodreads Review by La Crimson Femme (aka BookAddict): “The breaking of Ryan is HOT!” Click here to see full review.
Jenna peeled off the latex glove then stepped up to Crichten’s left side and crouched beside his head. She gently ran her fingers through his hair. The rhythm of his breathing increased, a muscle in his jaw twitched, but his eyes stared fixedly at a point in front of him. She gripped his hair roots and yanked his head back so he looked at the ceiling.
“I should wash out your mouth.”
His gaze flicked towards her. “You did leave a sour taste.”
She smiled and shook his head from side to side. “But your ass is so inviting. When did you last experience a good, old-fashioned spanking?”
“Is that the best you can come up with?”
“Of course your training covered humiliation. Still, you haven’t had me spank you before.”
She pushed his head forward then rested her ungloved hand between his shoulder blades. He twitched at her touch. She trailed her fingers down his spine to the small of his back.
“How are you doing down below?” She swiveled around so she could run her hand under his waist and explore his caged cock. He tensed when she rubbed the skin bulging through the air vents. Her index finger traced the Vengeance cage to its tip where the head of his penis strained to escape the tiny slit. She scraped the exposed flesh with her nail.
Crichten hissed.
“That hurts, huh?” She dug her nail into the sensitive spot until he was straining away from her touch.
She leaned down and kissed his back where smooth, toned skin met the muscular curve of his buttocks. Moisture seeped into panties already damp from when he’d trapped her up against the wall. She stopped toying with his caged penis, stood up, and stripped off her bikini bottoms, her modesty protected by her sarong. Then she moved in front of him, bent down and pressed her panties against his nose.


Ryan recoiled from the musky scent filling his nostrils, all too aware the sweet smell of her sex would drive him to distraction. Her swift retaliation had drawn an unwelcome response from his treacherous cock. Fingers gripped his hair, holding him trapped. The need for air compelled him to inhale through the silky material. He struggled not to collapse as his limbs turned to mush. His cock hardened until he winced.
“I think you liked that,” she taunted him.
Holding back a moan proved a challenge. Some perverse part of him wanted Jenna to know her effect on him. A saner part resisted the dangerous notion. When the material lifted away, he gulped in fresh air. He didn’t expect her to pinch his nose.
Immediately, he held his breath, determined to fight her every step of the way. She waited. Seconds ticked by. Then a minute. He struggled to escape her relentless hold, dropping his head to the floor and shaking furiously, but his restraints were secure and allowed little movement. His lungs began to burn. On the verge of passing out, he gasped for air. It came with a ball of musky material. Her panties filled his mouth. He gagged and she let go of his nose so he could breathe. The taste of her desire extended down the back of his throat.
Hell, he could drown in her scent. His arousal mounted.
“That should do the trick. Watch your mouth in future, Ryan, or I’ll watch it for you.”
She moved out of sight and he immediately started work on ejecting the makeshift gag with his tongue. The unmistakable sound of ripping duct tape doubled his efforts to no avail. She returned and plastered the tape across his lips and Ryan blasted her with a furious glare. His anger kept a rising panic at bay — a horrible fear that he’d made a bad decision letting her cuff his hands to the floor. She’d been vulnerable to attack; he could have killed her with one blow.
Instead he’d trusted his instincts.
Last night, he’d sensed her pull back. He needed to see how far she would take him. More than that, he needed to know he could handle how far she was prepared to go, like it or not. He had little choice in the matter. She had the back up to handle him any way she wanted.
Jenna crouched down to his level and stroked the under curve of his jaw. Her gentle fingers mocked his impotent fury. “You really need to learn the consequence to disrespect.”
End Excerpt
Copyright Kayla Stonor 2016
All Rights Reserved
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The African Queen in Outer Space? #SciRom #ASMSG

The African Queen in Outer Space?

A guest post by Edward Hoornaert:

My upcoming science fiction romance, Escapee, is coming out on April 19. What inspired me to write the book?
The 1951 movie, The African Queen. My version is set on an inhospitable moon, rather than the African Jungle, but in both tales the hero and heroine battle nature and, ultimately, the invading enemy.
How did I transform a movie into a science fiction romance?

Analyzing the movie

I rented the movie and looked for two things:
  • Stages -- Charley and Rosie's relationship go through a number of stages.
  • Turning points -- The events that caused their relationship to change from one stage to another.
I then devised analogous stages and turning points for Escapee. Here are a few of them, so you get the feel for how the analysis worked.
Stage 1:  Polite disconnect between hero and heroine.
  • AQ -- Rosie, a missionary in German East Africa, disapproves of Charley, a crude freighter captain who brings supplies, but treats him with chilly politeness.
  • Escapee -- Hector, a stuffy career army officer, disapproves of the freewheeling, lower-class airship pilot, Cattaroon who supplies his base.
Turning point:  The enemy invades. In AQ, it's the Germans, who leave Rosie alone and stranded -- until Charley comes by and saves her.
In Escapee, it's humans from the Proxima system. While Hector's on leave, they destroy his entire command, leaving him stranded and alone -- until Catt lands, looking for survivors.
Stage 2:  Rosie devises a near-impossible goal that he doesn't agree with.
  • AQ -- Rosie's wants to attack a German warship. Charley agrees, knowing she'll give up when she learns how dangerous the river is.
  • Escapee -- Hector wants to attack enemy headquarters. Catt agrees only because she's certain he'll give up when he realizes how dangerous a flight across the moon is.
So far the two stories are similar. Now they start to diverge, though the skeleton remains the same.
Turning point:  When mild danger fails to deter her from her purpose, his true feelings come out explosively.
·         In AQ, after shooting rapids doesn't deter Rosie, Charley gets drunk and insults Rosie. She dumps out all his rum.
·         In Escapee, after getting caught in a volcano's updraft doesn't deter Hector, Catt sabotages a cannon stored in the airship's hold.
Stage 3:  Futile attempts to rebuild a civil relationship.
  • AQ -- Charley apologizes for insulting her, but she won't accept his apology unless he agrees to take her to the Germans' ship.
  • Escapee -- With the cannon gone, Hector realizes how futile his quest is. Feeling guilty, Catt tries to be nice, but he's too depressed to talk about it.
Turning point:  He agrees to share her goal.
In AQ, Charley's (deeply buried!) chivalry makes him give in.
In Escapee, Catt remembers all the friends whom the enemy has killed. Hearing her cry during the night, Hector finally talks, voicing his idealistic reasons for wanting to fight. Inspired by his idealism, Catt agrees to make the dangerous voyage to the other side of the moon.
Stage 4:  Falling in love
Etc, etc.

"Inspired By", Not a Ripoff

This post is getting long, so I won't bore you with all six stages, but hopefully you get the general idea. Analyzing the movie turned out to be a huge help in developing my plot. You ought to try it some time.
I'd like to emphasize that Escapee ended up having a different feel than the movie. Here are some of the key differences:
  • Although both environments are hostile, they're different -- river rapids vs. hurricanes and volcanoes.
  • The characters’ genders are reversed. Their wounds are very different, as are the lessons they need to learn.
  • I added secondary characters. They capture an enemy who tries to sabotage the airship. Hector has an alien pet that is ugly/lovable. Finally, Catt's android co-pilot provides comic relief as well as the book's most poignant scene, when he dies.
  • The ending is more believable, IMHO. AQ's ending requires an act of God (a rainstorm that floats their grounded boat) and a wild coincidence (their sunken boat nonetheless sinks the German ship). Escapee has a logical ending.

What's It to You?

If you have a favorite movie you love, you might want to turn it into a book of your own. If so, consider analyzing it for stages and turning points.
What movie would you like to turn into an "inspired by" novel? Tell us about it in the comments.
Release Date: April 19 2016

About Edward Hoornaert

What kind of man writes romance? A man who married his high school sweetheart a week after graduation and is still living the HEA decades later. A man who is a certifiable Harlequin hero in his own right -- Ed inspired Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Rita Award finalist Mr. Valentine, which is dedicated to him.

Ed started out writing romances for Silhouette Books, but these days he concentrates on science fiction romance. In addition to novelist, he’s been a teacher, principal, technical writer, salesman, janitor, and symphonic oboist. He and wife Judi live in Tucson, Arizona. They have three sons, a daughter, a mutt, and the world’s most adorable grandson. Visit him at

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EVOLVING URGES Blog Hop and giveaway from Bella Jeanisse! #EroticRomance #ASMSG

♫♪ֱ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ Evolving Urges – RELEASE HOP  ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪
Evolving Urges (Gasoline #2) is LIVE!

Gasoline (book 1)

Evolving Urges (book 2)

To celebrate I am giving away 10 copies of book 1 and 10 copies of book 2! Winners will be chosen at random. To enter: like all these pages. Then comment below that you have liked and visited all the pages in this list and tell me which book you prefer! Kindle email address is required (via PM.) Facebook is not responsible for this giveaway.

To get info on upcoming books, subscribe to my website:

Gasoline's guitarist, Dominic Spinelli, and singer Noelle Young of Winter Winds are still trying to sort out their new love. And as happens so often, the course of their love isn't running smoothly.

Dominic must still come fully to terms with the long-past death of his wife and child and move on with his life, and Noelle is having problems with a bandmate's unrequited crush on her. She also has to set up housekeeping with Dominic and get her band to join her on the East Coast to record their new album.

The rest of the band's dealing with their own troubles and blessings. Jon, the drummer, finds out that he unknowingly fathered a child 17 years earlier and discovers new feelings for the boy's mother. Vocalist Dean struggles with his sobriety and attempts to find a woman who will truly love him, and bad-boy bassist Tommy, who was never looking for love in the first place, has it unexpectedly find him in the person of a curvy lady lawyer.

On top of all this, some of the members of Triple Threat, Wicked End and Reckless appear to get in the sexy mix that surrounds Demonfire Records.

R. K. Garmon

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A mortal woman who would dare fall in love with a god... #Paranormal #Romance #ASMSG

In writing my latest novel, a paranormal scifi-romance, Upon This Rock, I delved into the vast treasure trove of myth, legend and various religions to find inspiration. The premise was relatively simple, a mortal woman, courted and seduced by a god in her nightly dreams, would do anything to meet her lover in person. She would journey to the ends of the Earth for her loving devotion...

Perhaps even the Vatican.

The idea of gods, angels and demons seducing mortal women is embedded in every mythology across human history. What does that say about women ... that they are such ripe targets for seduction and rape? What does that say about the predatory natures of these gods?

Hindu gods seduced and impregnated mortals, as did Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman gods. Zues's many lovers (mortal and otherwise) are so well known, the moons of Jupiter are named after them.

And what would be the result of such a union?


Demigods are some of the most famous and infamous characters of lore.

In Judeo-Christian myth, the Old Testament (Torah) has a peculiar line about The Nephilim...

"The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men of old, the men of renown."

Sounds a lot like a Demigod by Greco-Roman definitions.

Sadly, the Demigods had it rough. They were mostly human, imbued with special abilities from their divine parentage, but mired in the mess of humanity and forever struggling against the manipulations of gods who used them to further their selfish agendas.

Thousands of years have passed since the days of Nephilim and Demigods, the days when gods, angels and demons walked among us, seducing women, and birthing supernaturally gifted half-breeds. 

Herein lies the thread of my novel, UPON THIS ROCK.

What if the Gods sought to reenter our world, to once more seduce women and regain political and religious favor among the nations of men? Ashley Rowan is lured in by the loving, patient whispers of Mithra. He promises they can be together, if only she accepts his gifts of power and journeys to the gate, to open the way to his world. 

Mithra has labored for centuries to reach this moment, the chance for gods to once more walk among the men and women of Earth.

Its Fantasy. Scifi. Mythical and legendary, encompassing thousands of years of human history, and the dark manipulations of supernatural creatures from other worlds across the galaxy. They await us at the door, ready to barge through the gateway hidden beneath the Vatican ... UPON THIS ROCK.

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FREE ebooks for Christmas... and some kickass new releases #Scifi #Romance #ASMSG

We wish you a Merry Christmas and two free ebooks!

But first things first, check out these awesome new releases:

Available on Kindle, December 22nd 2015: UPON THIS ROCK by Travis Luedke
Dark Fantasy & Scifi Romance

Beneath the Vatican lies a portal to other worlds, closed for millennia. Join Ashley for an intense thrill ride to the Vatican underworld to meet her god-like lover Mithra ... on the other side of the universe. 

Reviewers love UPON THIS ROCK!
"The premise behind the story is intriguing and down right addicting."
"An epic paranormal/sci-fi/space opera romantic suspense that was impossible to put down..."
"Action, action, and more action. This book has it all. Romance, suspense, betrayal, intrigue, and conspiracy."
"I loved the characters, they jumped off the page with their vibrant personalities..."

Available on Kindle, December 22nd 2015: BETRAYAL BY TREATY by Kayla Stonor
Scifi BDSM Romance & Space Opera

They had a deal. She promised to protect him.
Jaden forfeited rank and freedom to serve as tribute to the Qui Empress and save Earth. But now humanity has unwittingly become a gateway for the Surashan enemy, at the center of a treacherous plot to strike at the Empress herself.
There is no peace for a tribute who commands the heart of an Empress.
The Empress must choose between love and duty. Both demand sacrifice.

Reviewers are raving about BETRAYAL BY TREATY!
"A heart-wrenching five star read that will have you traversing through the galaxy and jumping in your seats..."
"Hang on to your tissues and blanket, and get ready for an epic sci-fi bdsm fantasy that will have your heart pounding and ensure pulse is racing."
"There are dark moments and they can be scary too but overall, you see the light in each of these characters and you feel with them, you love with them, you hate with them, you want bloody revenge with them."

And now the FREE EBOOKS you've been waiting for!!

ANGEL 6.0, CONCUBINE by Travis Luedke
Born of illegal experimentation on the human genome, I've been stolen across the galaxy and enslaved as concubine to Captain Cronin of the alien race of Cats called The Gran. I am Angel 6.0 and this is the dark, wicked, violent tale of my struggle to survive among humans and aliens who despise me.

Dol’ce retrieves Colonel Marcel, a prisoner of war, by order of the Qui Treaty with Earth. Her compassionate care soothes Marcel’s tortured soul, but his unruly pheromones wreak havoc on her senses. Marcel needs this glittering alien gem in his life, but can he accept the war is really over?

Bonus freebie from Travis Luedke you can grab right now!

“True Blood meets Sons of Anarchy when darkness falls on San Antonio.”
Chock-full of vampires, mafia & mayhem, this wicked blend of dark romance and paranormal fantasy from New York Times and USA Today bestseller Travis Luedke is an indulgent sinful pleasure.

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