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In the currents of the heart, beware of love, it's an UNDERTOW #Romance #HEA #ASMSG

Posted:Thu, 30 Apr 2015

Hi all y'all! PAK here,
     I want to tell you about an upcoming June 2015 release that is dear to my heart,Undertow. This is my first novella and I had an absolute blast writing it. Its funny (I hope!) and sweet ... and of course sexy.


   It's the first thing I've written that is contemporary, New Adult  (i.e. not Verdantia) and written in first person. It's also the first time one of my works will appear in a collection.
     As a thank you to you, my wonderful readers, I will offer my story 
for FREE  to those who have signed up on my subscription list. (sorry...only my story, but I'll tell how you can get the others, too!)

     In addition to my novella, there are three other fabulous, steamy reads by the wonderful authors: Elizabeth SaFleur, Kris Michaels and Rachel De Lune. Below is the cover, blurbs and excerpts from all four stories. 
     So keep your eyes peeled for notification on how you can get your free copy of my novella and of course, sign up for the mailing lists for Elizabeth SaFleurKris Michaels and Rachel De Lune to receive their stories for free also!


     Undertowthe collectionwill be offered for sale on the normal retail outlets: Amazon, Kobo, B&N and Smashwords but this is your opportunity to get all four of these charming stories for FREE!

In the currents of the heart,
beware of's an

Coming June 2015


Dear Readers,

Welcome to a Troll River Publication collection of short stories. This is the perfect introduction to some of the lovely authors in our romance group. Their styles are unique to them. But whether in the far distant future on an alien planet, jostling down the streets of Regency London in a carriage or fighting the congestion of modern Washington D.C. traffic, their stories share a common theme: strong heroes, hot sex and happily-ever-afters.

I've put together a sampler box of their short stories that are perfect for those lazy days at the beach, or poolside, when you want something to read that's not too heavy, never sad and guaranteed to end well. So, slather on the sunscreen, slip those sunglasses on and let us entertain you.

Warm regards,

Stephanie McKibben
Troll River Publications

A Backwater Blessing 

by Kris Michaels

When Cole, Mr. FBI, and Logan, local cop and reigning Ice Princess, hook up to solve a case of Mississippi corruption at the highest judicial levels, sparks fly. Their attraction is hotter than the sultry southern sun. She wants to hate him—but she can’t. And Cole would never commit career suicide by staying in a backwater Mississippi town…not for any woman…especially not for Isabella Logan Church.

A single eyebrow arched and a small smile tugged up the corner of Cole's mouth. Logan leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. He held still and that control won him some points in her book. The Fed had restraint. The question was how much? Deliberately she pushed her bikini clad breasts against his hard muscled chest and lifted her hand to caress his cheek.
     “If you are worrying about me being able to sell it…don’t. I don’t have to like you to act like I am making love to you.”  Her purred words sounded breathless and needy even to her own ears. She turned and walked out of the cabin before she did something stupid. Like crawl up his big sexy body and kiss him until his federal reserve broke. 

The Break

by Rachel De Lune

Victoria Abbott meets Aeron Morgan in the intimate dining room of her hotel in her hometown of Oxwich. He’s looking for a woman who can accept him and all of his desires. She’s looking for closure. What they find in each other is totally unexpected. 

I tease my skirt a little higher, revealing some flesh before slipping the first button on the front of my dress. Without knowing, I chose the perfect outfit. Once the second button is free, I look up at Aeron. Lust gleams from his eyes, and they drink in the body I’m slowly revealing to him, button by button. I slink closer, standing a fraction out of reach as I undo the last button. I slip the dress slowly off my shoulders and let it drop to my feet. I step out, and close the final gap between us. He straightens and once more he sweeps my body with lust filled eyes. I take a breath and unhook the back of my bra and slip it off my shoulders.  Hooking the sides of my thong, I inch my knickers down my legs as seductively as possible. The appreciation on Aeron’s face is all I need to bolster my confidence. I bend down, collect my knickers from the floor and strut to him. Dangling them over his lap, I drop them.

“Straddle me.” Aeron’s smoky voice is deeper than before. My little strip show has definitely affected him. The knowledge he is aroused spurs me on. Swinging my leg to sit on his lap, I position myself on his thighs. He has a clear view of my pussy. He hasn’t tried to touch me. His hands remain firmly by his side. I’m amazed... and disappointed.

“Make yourself come for me. I’m going to watch you come undone on my lap before I take you.”


by Elizabeth SaFleur

Cheated on, dumped and fired—all by the same man—Ava Hollins’ only goal on her Caribbean vacation was to forget men existed. When she wins hot, wealthy, resort owner, Bret Wright, during a charity “man auction,” she’s not sure what to do with her suddenly acquired “love slave.” Fortunately, for Ava, Bret knows exactly what to do with her.
Bret kept his eyes on Ava’s face as he looped two lengths of rope around her rib cage, one on the fleshy mound of her breasts, the other underneath. A gentle yank and the two pieces squeezed her breasts outward. The rough rope bit into her skin, and her breathing sped up.

“If you ever feel dizzy, tell me,” he said.

All she could do was nod. Her power of speech had fled.

“If it comes to it, I’ll cut the rope. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She barely breathed the word. She tuned into the full length of his body now pressed closer against her, as if he meant to keep her steady and present. Even with rope biting into her skin, she loved being this close to his body. And, what a body. Even clothed she could tell some serious muscle lived behind those pants and shirt.

More pulls around her ribcage shifted her focus. She dropped her chin, fascinated by the beautiful knot he’d formed on her sternum. The ends dangled, tickling her belly. He lifted her chin and looked deeply into her eyes. Keep your eyes on me, they transmitted.

Yes, sir.

His hands returned to their work. In seconds he had her wrists crossed and tied together with another short length of rope. He tugged her closer. She blinked but didn’t dare break his gaze. He sealed his lips to hers, and his tongue moved slowly while his capable hands explored her body, fingers slipping under the ropes as if checking the level of restriction.

He released her mouth. She felt more, gentle, scratching pulls on the rope. A downward glance revealed her chest and belly encased in an intricate diamond pattern make of jute. She inhaled deeply, testing the restriction of her rope top. Could she get out of it, if needed? She expanded her chest again. No, I can’t. Moisture gathered between her legs in response. She looked back up at his face, now tilted in question. Without him having to ask, she knew what he sought.

“Amazing,” she said.

He smiled. “I’m glad you appreciate my work.”

The relief in his eyes spurred her courage. “Will you do more?” she asked.

“Oh yes, baby. So much more.”


by Patricia A. Knight

Former Army Ranger, Max Harper, didn’t know the young woman playing fetch on the beach with his therapy dog—but he wanted to. From his first meeting with Holiday Jones, her fresh beauty and soft heart swept him away. The wounded veteran knew he wanted forever with Holiday. There was just one small problem. She thinks he’s someone he’s not. When his down-to-earth Holiday learns who Max really is, love might not be enough—for no matter how generous a woman’s heart, it’s difficult to forgive deception.
After he covers Miss Kitty and her surrounding cast in white foam, Max sits back and inspects the area he’s prepped. He rinses his hands in the water bowl, dries them on the sofa cushions and then selects a razor as if he were an open-heart surgeon selecting a scalpel.

I wiggle a little and whimper, “Max, pleeease, finger fuck me...please, please, finger fuck me.”

He shoots me a happy little smile, flourishes the razor and begins gently scraping my groin with the care of a jeweler faceting a diamond. My inner slut gets on stage and shouts cuss words. I have no excuses. She has a potty-mouth. By the time Miss Kitty is as bald as Vin Diesel, Max has teased me to the brink of orgasm. The soft strokes that almost touch my clit are the worst. When Max finishes and drops the third razor in the water bowl and rinses his hands, I could come if he breathed on me. Max simply grins, parts my swollen lower lips with his thumbs, and exposes my aching clit. “God damn, Holiday. You’re so pretty.” He holds me with an intent stare and gravely announces, “Rangers lead the way,” before closing his lips and tongue over my clit and sucking gently.

I go off like the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima in those old newsreels from WWII. Yeah. That could have been me. When I regain conscious thought, Snafu is raising a ruckus at the door, barking and scratching to be let in, and Max slumps on the ottoman in front of me with a look of gloating male satisfaction.

“I woke the dog?”

“You were pretty loud, babe.”

“Did I scream your name?”

He gravely shakes his head. “No, babe. You didn’t scream my name and you know what that means.”

My eyes widen.

“We have to do it again.”

Max kept his promise.

Please Note: 
These manuscripts are still in edits. 
While no substantial changes will be made to the story line, 
there might 
be some changes to language.

Coming in June of 2015


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Seven Best Vampire Flicks You Haven’t Seen #Vampires #Paranormal #ASMSG

Originally blogged here:

Seven Best Vampire Flicks You Haven’t Seen

So many refer to vampire flicks in terms of Twilight or some such, or the most recent avatar of Dracula, maybe t.v. shows such as True Blood or The Vampire Diaries. Yet there’s far to the genre than one might think, looking at most articles or reviews. Consider these seven, several excellent and others at least interesting, and rarely mentioned. But at least some of them probably should be. How many have you seen? Or even heard of?
220px-IsleofdeadIsle of the Dead – In 1945, Boris Karloff appeared in one of twovampire films he ever made. This black and white classic, based onGreek folklore and growing fear in the face of death, is many ways more about fear of the undead than the vampires themselves. During one of the many horrible yet relatively small Balkans of the early XXth century, a Greek general and a collection of others find themselves trapped on an island due to plague. In an almost Agatha Christie-like setup, superstitions bubble to the surface and gothic tropes we all recognize become reality, at least in some people’s minds.
strigoi.the.undeadStrigoi – Somewhat curiously (or not) we rarely see vampire movies from Romania, the land where the real Vlad the Impaler lived.  Here is an exception, a clever dark comedy based not upon the image from Hollywood but actual folklore–where a vampire is a peasant, with neither priest nor scholar about the undead are anywhere to be seen, where the reaction to an actual strigoi is openly mediocre, even stupid.; Scare Jessica to Death – Again, a film that tosses away what we expect we know about vampires, and in fact gives us a tiny existential crisis to boot! Jessica, an artist moving to a farm in rural America to get away from the hustle of the city, has had a nervous breakdown. She’s been delusional, but does that mean the stranger she and her husband meet is not an undead girl haunting the lake where she drowned? We may never know. But we feel exactly what Jessica endures, putting us through an emotional wringer.
suckSuck – This Canadian comedy about a fourth-rate band achieving stardom once a member is bitten and transformed into a walking, talking, singing and bass-playing incarnation of dark glamor never got much distribution. But the performances are spot-on, and the humor sickly fun if not broad a la the Scary Movies franchise or anything at all with Adam Sandler.
vampyrVampyr – Many consider Nosferatu the first great vampire movie. Less known alas is the flick widely regarded as the second, at least among film experts. Carl Dryer’s almost silent masterpiece is a surreal step into a world where shadows really do go commit mischief on their own, where dreams bleed into reality, and where the corrupt influence of a vampire lingers on the edge of conscious awareness–and even noticing the creature is perilous.
bledBled – So many vampire films aim for being “high concept” (Dracula’s untold origin! An apocalyptic war between living and undead), here’s a flick deserving credit for focusing on an individual tale of temptation. Shot on a tiny budget with no stars, it succeeds in creating a very disturbing story about genuine horror, even to the point where sexual desire becomes grotesque and deadly ( a trope most vampire filmmakers dabble with at most, rather than dive into).
lust.for.draculaLust for Dracula – The title, the stars, even the production company (Seduction Studios) leads one to expect nothing more than lesbian softcore with a vampire twist. Nor would anyone end up mistaken on that front. But the sheer surreal nature of the film shows the writer/director was aiming for something much more than titillation.  He wants to disturb as much as excite, to amuse as well as horrify. Truth to tell, in many ways he succeeds!
What are your candidates for little known vampire films more folks should see?
David MacDowell Blue blogs at Night Tinted Glasses.  He graduated from the National Shakespeare Conservatory and is the author of The Annotated Carmilla. and Your Vampire Story (And How to Write It) as well as a theatrical adaptation of Carmilla.

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Steamy Hot Space Opera & Alien Shifter Romance #99cents #Giveaways #ASMSG

Join Travis Luedke and Kayla Stonor April 21st for awesomesauce giveaways and fun! Plus loads of guest authors in appearance!

ANGEL 6.0: ESCAPE -- Angel, a specially designed human clone, serves as concubine to her captor, a tall, powerful alien Cat, while planning to escape with Jason, her fellow prisoner and lover. *FREE on Kindle Unlimited*
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RESTRAIN BY TREATY -- Ardant, an alien shifter, must hide his inner Qui to maintain the sanity of his rescue mission, Captain Beatrice Solomon, a POW severely abused in sex slavery. *FREE on Kindle Unlimited*
Mark it to read:

Enjoy both books at the discount release price of $.99! Hope to see you there at the party for giveaways and scifi-paranormal badassary!

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Women in Science Fiction... #Reviews #Scifi #Paranormal #ASMSG

ASMSG SFP brings you all the hottest new publications in Indie scifi, fantasy, and paranormal, with provocative articles and insightful literary reviews.

April 2015 Issue includes:
Women in Science Fiction
Gender Equality: The Utlimate Oxymoron?
5 Reasons Jupiter Ascending is Brazil in Space
A Critique at Starbucks Helped Publish a Book
Gilligan's Zombie Island
How Batman Shaped My Life (As a Writer)

Find ASMSG SFP Issues at the follow magazine stores:


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Marketing for DeadBroke Writers #IndiePub #AuthorsRT #ASMSG

Online Education 
Sponsored by ASMSG
Presented by Joel Scott

Joel Scott is a published author with six educational books in the for Dummies series and nearly 100,000 books sold. He is also an experienced educator and speaker.

The Marketing for DeadBroke Writers course was initially designed and presented by Joel Scott for the Author Learning Center, a division of Author Solutions. That company was absorbed by Penguin, which in turn, was absorbed by Random House.  Since its inception in 2011 this course has attracted more than a thousand students. Earlier this year Mr. Scott ran this course exclusively for ASMSG members. And, it’s time to offer it again.

As the results of a recent ASMSG poll showed, our members feel the need for in-depth training on author marketing in today’s confusing world of social media and promotions. Joel Scott and ASMSG have designed a special set of online classes at a steeply discounted price exclusively available to members of ASMSG.

Here are a few quotes from prior students.
“This has been the best Author Learning Center webinar I have listened to!”
“I found the technical conversations the most helpful, and enjoyed when he gave a visual example of another Facebook page.”
“I am new to Twitter and this webinar helped fill in information on how to use Twitter.  Didn't have the foggiest notion before and don't like to stumble around in the dark.”
“The information about linking Twitter to your Facebook fan Page, and creating an audio excerpt [was really helpful].”
”Once again, not only do I appreciate your time and knowledge, I want to thank you AND the group for steering me away from a frustrating experience with my publisher and into the land of Self-Publishing.” 
“Living on the other side of the world, I found accessing the course online very easy.”

Here are some key parameters.
  1. Each of the ten online sessions will be about 45 minutes in length and will have a Q&A session.
  2. There will be an online survey prior to the first class to try to accommodate students’ interests and levels of expertise.
  3. Each class will be presented twice to accommodate peoples’ schedules and time zones. You can attend either one or both.
  1. Classes will be recorded for students to access later at their convenience, so if you have to miss a session, you can tune in later.
  2. Members signing up for the course will also receive a copy of Mr. Scott’s upcoming book, Marketing for DeadBroke™ Writers.
  3. The entire course costs just $69 – a significant discount just for ASMSG members
  4. The course begins in May, 2015 and there will be a class each week.
Scheduled Classes for 2015 Spring Semester
Each class will be held twice, at 8:30 AM and again at 8:30 PM. All times are USA – Eastern. Based on enrollment we may add additional sessions.

We hope you see the value in these classes and your membership in ASMSG. We’re working to bring you every possible benefit to help make your writing, publishing, and promotions successful.

Even though it’s an online course, seats are limited. A portion of your class fee will be donated to ASMSG to fund development of additional author benefits. Sign up now while enrollment is still open!

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please feel free to contact Mr. Scott directly at

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ARC Read 4 Review Event! 11 #EroticRomance Novels FREE for #Review #ASMSG

Epic R4R Event with award winning authors: 

Travis Luedke, Patricia A. Knight, Kayla Stoner, Elizabeth SaFleur, S.N.Mckibben and newcomers: Marilyn Lakewood, Kris Michaels, and Rachel De Lune

Scifi Erotic Romance
Futuristic Erotic Romance
Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance
Military Erotic Romance
Paranormal Romance

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HARD WEAR, New Release Billionaire #BDSM #Romance #ASMSG

How does a sophisticated man with everything, convince an unassuming older woman with nothing, that she’s what he desperately needs? 

At 36, Chase Tanner controlled his world and the women in his bed.  With a grown son and several successful businesses, he thought he had everything a man could desire . . . until he walked down the aisle of a country hardware store and saw exactly what he needed for a happily-ever-after.

Now, he just had to make her believe it.​

“You’re just not good enough, Kali.” ​ Her ex-husband’s hurtful words echoed in Kali Benson’s heart as she rebuilt her life in tiny Laketon, Washington. It took some time, but at 39, she’s happy, self-sufficient, and emotionally armored. She’s strong enough to resist a sweet-talking hunk, who drives an old Dodge truck and makes her feel nineteen again​ ... ​isn't she?​

Marilyn lives in the northwest U.S., not too far from the Canadian border, and believes the long, cold winters are perfect “writing weather.”

She started writing romantic, sex-driven stories “just for fun” seven years ago. Today, she’ll joyously admit she’s obsessed with creating hard-core dominant heroes and happily-ever-after endings.
Visit Marilyn at

Jump on Marilyn's newsletter for freebies and info about upcoming BDSM erotic romance novels.