Monday, August 24, 2015

The Final Episode of Angel 6.0! Join the Facebook party! #ASMSG

August 25th 2015 - Two Series, Two New Books!

Who's ready to party with bdsm, scifi, zero gravity sex and romance?


Abducted, enslaved as concubine to alien Cats, then rescued and mated to the Prince.
Princess Angel must embrace her destiny as the Emissary to the Emperor. Can she do what is necessary to stop a galactic war that threatens everyone she loves?


Goodreads reviewers are raving about the final episode of Angel 6.0!
 "Travis writes a hot sexy, adventure filled series that is like no other. If you dare to these outstanding books."
"Dark, riveting, sexy, fantastic end to Angel 6.0's tale. Her love life is sexy, violent, dark and satisfying to the Nth degree."
"This EPIC finale showcased just how much Angel has endured and will risk to protect the ones she loves." 

Fans of Angel 6.0 will love the latest episode of the Qui Treaty Collection by Kayla Stonor
(edited by Travis Luedke)

She vows to break him, her love knows no limits…
Darby’s love for her commanding officer is twisted into psychotic obsession by alien tech. Abducted and coerced into sexual submission, Ethan fights to connect with the real Darby before she destroys them both.


Goodreads reviewers are raving about Obsession By Treaty!
 "Dark, thrilling, twisted, and emotionally intense, so much so that your book hangover will be one that requires a glass of wine and a smoke."
"WOW that was one dark ride, here I thought the previous book in the series was dark, but this one topped it."
"Wowza! If ever there was a time to feel like you have gone through an emotional washing machine this is it."

 Join Travis Luedke and Kayla Stonor for an out of this world celebration with zero gravity erotic romance, guest author appearances, giveaways, games, prizes and more!
August 25th 2015 - Two Series, Two New Books!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Create Explosively Viral Book Giveaways! This is Fascinating! #Giveaways #ASMSG

Create Explosively Viral Book Giveaways and Book Launches with UpViral!

I've been considering using a program that makes book giveaways explosive, a way to gather thousands of emails from fans of my genre. So far, the results using rafflecopter are lackluster.

Compared to rafflecopter, UpViral is insane. I'll be using this stuff for the next year, collecting thousands of fan emails, and giving them books to read. 

The other thing I learned about this software, I can put it on any site or domain. That means I can use it for any pen names I create, for my blog, my website, and integrate it into my Facebook page, and Facebook or Twitter advertising.  Its fucking awesome.

Authors out there looking for a way to use giveaways to get emails -- this is it.