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Meet the wicked, strange, obnoxious, deadly characters of NIGHTLIFE MOSCOW #Paranormal #ASMSG

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Meet the wicked, strange, obnoxious and dead sexy characters of The Nightlife Moscow.

Vampires Aaron and Michelle have landed in Moscow, on the prowl. In the company of a misfit pack of mercenary werewolves and Urvashi, a fallen angel, the vampires are forced into the violent, decadent underworld of Russian mafia, drugs and blood slaves.
The first and last character you meet in the Nightlife Series is Aaron Pilan. Aaron has been with us from the beginning, and it could be said that this series is really his story.
Obnoxious bastard vampire, Aaron happens to be a decent guy… sometimes.
Though young and inexperienced, Aaron has survived numerous trials by fire, loved and lost, been widowed, shot and hunted by police in four nations. The Nightlife Series chronicles his dark, violent, erotic misadventures from New York to VegasParisLondon, and now Moscow.
Never fear ladies, Aaron’s story is far from over. In fact, with shocking developments from Moscow, this may be the beginning of something new and delightfully macabre.
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Next in the lineup is Michelle de Mornac. Michelle is a French femme fatale whose Parisian exploits against the German soldiers in WWII were often mistaken for French revolutionary assassinations. In her early Paris years, Michelle enjoyed dishing out messy, painful eviscerations – she hated German soldiers with a passion. These days she is a much calmer creature who prefers to work out her desires through sex, rather than violence. Once in a great while she cuts loose and returns to the old habits of shredding the entrails of her victims. When she hits that mood, its best to get out of town, or out of the country.
Michelle and Aaron’s lives have been inextricably intertwined since the beginning, in New York. Through the gift of her blood, she brought him into the fold. In retrospect, it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. She never counted on falling in love with Aaron, or the complicated mess he would make of their lives. Michelle is the other half of the Nightlife Series. Where Aaron goes, Michelle follows, even to Moscow in the dead of winter to hunt a vampire bajillionaire.
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The third member of Aaron’s family joined them in Paris, when Aaron unwittingly bound himself to an Apsara – a fallen angel named Urvashi. This immortal shapeshifter Aaron calls master prefers to wear a skinsuit of Kim Kardashian.
Urvashi the great and powerful has her telekinetic fingers draped all over the supernatural beasties of Europe. She’s the behind the scenes puppet master, a self-appointed supernatural judge, jury, and executioner. A seducer and manipulator of men the world over, it pays to stay on Urvashi’s good side. The fools who fail to learn this lesson find their heads suddenly detached from their bodies.
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The late-comer to Aaron’s highly dysfunctional family is Katya, a Russian werewolf ex-patriot living in Soho London. Katya loves to hate vampires – passionately. Katya is Aaron’s biggest mistake and his primary source of grief – a werewolf bloodslave.
She needs him, always. Every minute of every hour, she needs Aaron’s teeth in her neck. Her addiction to his bite has made both their lives near impossible. Aaron has his hands full keeping Michelle from treating Katya as the meaty center of a blood-sex sandwich.
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Katya’s sidekick and fellow pack member is Ivan. Hailing from Russia, with a history that reaches all the way back to Rasputin himself, Ivan is an old school werewolf. He runs the mercenary operations of the wolf pack and spends his leisure time swimming in vodka and giving Katya shitty advice on her love life.
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We now introduce the Supreme Bastard himself, the man who unseated the Czar, toppled the royal family, and sent Mother Russia barreling into a blood-drenched Bolshevik Revolution: Dmitri the vampire bajillionaire.
Known for his deep, lasting relationships with Russian mafia, and his skill at making a buck at everyone’s expense, Dmitri is the fucker you love to hate. Draped in illicit money and wielding tremendous power through Russian corruption, Dmitri runs his own army of ex-military grunts. His filthy empire of payoffs and dirty deals spans across all Eastern Europe, and so does his reach as he sends his soldiers hunting for the wolf pack. He killed off two pack members in a recent ambush, and now he’s dying to finish the job.
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Dmitri is joined by the victims he enslaved, four women who wished to God they had never seen his face or heard his name: Kristina, Svetlana, Natalya, and Oksana a.k.a. The Bloodslaves.
Kristina (far left brunette), mother, undercover spy, and bloodslave to Dmitri, the poor woman just can’t get a break. Hers is a dark and painful path – her only salvation is her daughter Lana.
Svetlana (blonde), once a highly successful attorney at a Moscow firm, she was kidnapped and raped repeatedly until she agreed to serve Dmitri’s needs and represent his sleazy corporate manipulations. She alone holds the key to running Dmitri’s empire and unraveling his dirty secrets.
Natalya (topless brunette) works as a painted stripper, shaking her tiger-striped ass all over Moscow. An addict, alcoholic, whore, Natalya is a hot, wet mess looking for a cock to land on. Meeting Dmitri might have been the best thing that ever happened to her, or the worst.
Oksana (topless brunette #2) was the girl next door who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when Dmitri noticed her. A submissive, quiet woman, Oksana survives in Dmitri’s household by keeping her mouth shut and doing what she’s told. She is the perfect bloodslave.
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The last member of Dmitri’s family is the girl Aaron Pilan never saw coming, but she manages to turn his life upside down and inside out:  Lana.
At only six years old, Lana’s fate depends upon Aaron’s promise to ‘do the right thing.’
Unfortunately, Aaron isn’t known for doing the right thing.
Grab this latest installment of The Nightlife Series and prepare to be immersed in a dark, wicked, sensual world of bloodslaves, sex, Russian technogrind, vampires, werewolves, and all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you can steal from Dmitri’s kitchen.
Travis Luedke – The Nightlife Moscow (The Nightlife #5)
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About the Author

Travis Luedke is a husband, father, and author of Urban Fantasy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, and Sci-fi. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it.
As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

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The Nightlife: Las Vegas (The Nightlife #2)
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THE NIGHTLIFE MOSCOW, a dark new twist on #urbanfantasy #erotica #ASMSG

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(Book 5 in The Nightlife Series)

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*The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy*

Vampires Aaron and Michelle have landed in Moscow, on the prowl. In the company of a misfit pack of mercenary werewolves and Urvashi, a fallen angel, the vampires are forced into the violent, decadent underworld of Russian mafia, drugs and bloodslaves.

This time the hunters have become the hunted.

Dmitri, a Russian vampire billionaire, sends his mafia goons to the streets, gunning for the wolf pack. Now they must bring the fight to Dmitri and face the ultimate battle for survival.

Experience the violent, sensual underbelly of Nightlife Moscow, as Aaron and Michelle mix up a wicked blend of sex, chaos, mayhem, and vengeance.

Get your copy of the latest urban fantasy – paranormal suspense novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Travis Luedke.

Reviewer Praise for The Nightlife Moscow:

“From the Hot beginning to the Hard Hitting end...this book never Lets up.”

“Normally a book this size would take me a week to read. It took me three days. I took this everywhere. I was reading it on my breaks and Lunches at work. I even took it to my Dad’s house and was reading when I should have been paying attention to what he was talking about.”

“Okay so I started this review three times because , holy shit, I can't find the right words to do it justice. This is a dark, racy, sexually charged book that I couldn't put down.”

“Vampires, wolves, fallen angels, Russian Mafia, gun fights, explosions... what more can one want??? Once I started this book I couldn't put it down, I finished at four am this morning, so have a slight book hangover today.”

“Gritty and dark with hot steamy sex through out and making no apology. The pace is fast the story is harsh, this no sweet was awesome!”

Excerpt 1 – A Love-Hate Relationship (NSFW)

“Wake up you bloody leech. I need a fucking bite already.”
Katya’s insistent voice dragged Aaron from a deep, satisfying sleep. She nipped at his ear, a playful imitation of what she expected from him. His eyes opened to her pointy little face framed by dark brown hair that brought out the intense hazel color of her eyes brimming with endless need. For him.
She sat curled up beside him on the king-sized hotel bed, no shirt or bra. Her dark nipples, rock hard in the evening chill, invited him to taste her delicate flesh. He grinned in satisfaction. He enjoyed Katya’s constant need. Having a beautiful woman waiting to be served as dinner – begging for his taste – inspired a feeling of power. His fingers circled her nipple and her eyes dilated. Her golden gaze flicked to the vampire goddess sleeping at Aaron’s side.
Katya scrunched up her nose. “Not with Michelle here.”
He licked his lips, and Katya’s eyes tracked his tongue. He dug past the block in her mind with his telepathic probe. She needed him, like a heroin addict needs a fix. She craved the sensation of his teeth piercing her skin, and the wonders of his venom. Her need floated heavily between them and Aaron’s growing erection pushed up the bed covers.
His fingers slipped into the waistband of her jeans. “You’re overdressed.” Deftly, he undid the top button of her pants and pulled down the zipper. He slid his fingers past her cotton panties into the soft down of her pubic curls. Juicy goodness met his questing fingers.
She tried to stop him, her hand on his, but he yanked her down into a hug, bringing her neck into his waiting teeth.
Instead of fighting him, she growled in his ear. “Yes! That’s what I need. Give it to me, now.” The razor points of his teeth dipped into her neck while his two fingers curled up inside her wet warmth.
Her pelvis jerked on his hand, and in seconds she began helping him remove her jeans and panties. Without disturbing his deep-seated bite, or his solid grip on her pussy, Katya stripped off her last bit of clothing. She normally didn’t like being intimate around Michelle, regardless of the fact Aaron slept beside his blonde vampire lover daily, but Katya was in no mood to stop.
Vampire venom, the strongest narcotic known to man, coursed through her body. She shook and moaned in ecstasy. She kicked off his bed covers and gripped his waiting cock. He barely pulled his fingers out of her before she guided him into her slick, hot channel.
He unclamped his bite as she gushed in orgasm, wetting his balls with her release. “Shite! Damn you, Aaron!” Theirs was a love-hate relationship. She loved his cock and his teeth, couldn’t find the will power to deny him, and hated herself, and him, for it.
Katya grunted hard and hunched down to grind him deep inside her, pushing him right where she wanted him. She gasped as she found that special spot. Her eyes turned a deep gold, and the scent of her wolf filled the air as the beast prowled just under her skin. He loved that animal quality of her personality, especially when she relaxed and truly enjoyed their rare moments together. Catching one-on-one time with his werewolf bloodslave had become increasingly difficult since their arrival in Moscow two weeks ago.
Aaron held her hips trapped in place and pounded his cock into Katya, loving the bounce of her breasts as he hit her limit over and over. She was more fragile than his vampire lover, but not by much. Suddenly, cool, pale hands with lacquered, rosy nails slid around Katya from behind to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples. Katya’s confused eyes searched Aaron for a second, looking down at her own chest and the strangeness of this extra set of hands.
Michelle’s French purr rumbled as she nuzzled into Katya’s neck. “I just love waking up to a fresh meal.” She bit down hard and Katya screamed in hate and ecstasy.
His bloodslave had made it very clear she was Aaron’s chew toy, Aaron’s alone. But Aaron read Michelle’s hunger clearly in her mind as she slurped up Katya’s rich blood. His vampire lover simply couldn’t keep away from this delicious little wolf.
Aaron had to admit, Katya tasted far better than the average human. Her stronger, richer blood provided a unique rush of power. He knew there’d be hell to pay for Michelle taking advantage of Katya, but in this moment, balls deep inside her, he didn’t care. The consequences would come soon enough, so he came first.

Excerpt 2 – You Haven’t Been Feeding Your Pet (Safe For Work)

Michelle struggled not to fall on her face in her Gucci boots as she slogged through the frozen streets of Moscow behind Aaron and Urvashi. The icy wind blew flakes of snow up her skirt and tickled her inner thighs with harsh, cold fingers. They stood out front of the hotel, waiting for Vasily to bring the black Mercedes rental Michelle had paid for.
No one in Russia knew Michelle by name. So, she signed all the checks and registrations, keeping the paper trail of their movements effectively obscured. Michelle de Mornac funded their entire hideout. She could afford it, but the pack insisted on reimbursing her costs. She’d be willing to pay the bill on her own if they’d let her feed properly. The bouffon wolves wouldn’t let her out in public.
Last week, Ivan had argued vehemently to keep Michelle indoors at all times, apart from check-in and check-out. “She attracts too much attention! Look at her! She walks in the room and every prick from here to Siberia is pointing at her.” He’d adjusted the lump in his crotch as evidence of the fact. “How can you not notice her?” The wolves laughed and all agreed in their heavy Slavic accents. No, no, Michelle cannot go out.
Yet, here she stood, freezing her ass off, waiting for the wolves to bring the fucking car. She noticed Aaron and Urvashi watched the streets, nervously looking back over their shoulders as if seeking someone. Who did they expect to find out in this frozen cesspool of slush and grime? Something had kicked up their paranoia.
After untold minutes of frozen, shivering torture, finally the damned wolves brought the rental Mercedes SUV to the curb. The car splashed frozen brown mush over the toes of her twelve-hundred dollar leather boots. Vasily and Anatoly, wolf pack mercenaries, stepped out to snatch up the luggage. As bags were tossed in the hatchback and everyone jockeyed for a seat, Michelle realized she had nowhere to sit in this merde rental car. Ivan leaned back into the last seat so fast you’d have thought they played musical chairs.
He grinned at Michelle as he patted his thigh. “Sit here.”
They should have rented a bus.
She growled low. “Lèche mon cul.” Kiss my ass. “I will take a cab.”
Ivan reached out and snagged the hem of her jacket to pull her into the car. He puckered his lips, as if he planned to accommodate her request. “There is room. I will keep you warm.” The last of his words devolved into a growl. His eyes twinkled in mischief.
Michelle didn’t wait another second out in the cold. She slid right onto Ivan’s lap and wiggled her ass down until her crotch settled on the growing lump in his pants.
Served the bastard right.
Anatoly pulled off into the flow of traffic, and turned the radio to one of the many obnoxious Russian rap stations. She leaned back into Ivan’s broad chest. He vibrated against her with the low rumble of his laughter. The scent of his animal musk assaulted Michelle’s senses. Full-size fangs dropped in her mouth and her stomach issued a gut-churning noise. She should have been satisfied feeding from the men in the bar, but something about Ivan made her especially thirsty. These wolves tasted delightful.
Urvashi leaned into Aaron with a kiss and whispered low. “You haven’t been feeding your pet.” Urvashi winked at Michelle and rubbed her lips up on Aaron’s cheek. “She looks like she could take a chunk out of poor Ivan right now.”
Ivan’s hands suddenly held Michelle’s hips, as though preparing for something. “You don’t want this old white meat. Too tough and gamey.” He was teasing, but his voice held an edge of tension. The wolves all knew what Aaron had done to Katya, a much-lamented issue among them.
Michelle focused all her considerable charms on Ivan, twisting to face him, nose to nose. Mon deux, he smelled so good. All that warm blood just beneath the surface. His animal tang only added to her hunger. She’d tasted Katya and knew precisely how delicious these creatures were. Before he knew what was happening she had slid up her skirt and flipped around to straddle his lap. The hard bulge of his cock pushed against her pubic bone as she sniffed up his jaw line.
“Michelle, this is not …”
Her eyes held him in place, unblinking, and she curved her warm pussy all over his hard groin in a slow circular movement that had his eyes turning golden with wolf. The creature was there, just beneath the surface, and flowing through his veins.
A reaching hand came from the front seat, trying to grab her jacket. “Leave him be!”
Michelle slinked off her coat to evade Katya’s grasp without breaking Ivan’s gaze. “You like me, Ivan, don’t you?” She whispered a kiss across his lips and continued dry-fucking him. “One little bite won’t hurt. You trust me, don’t you?”
Ivan’s head nodded ever so slightly in hypnotized agreement, and she struck the side of his neck like a viper.
“Fucking cunt! Get off him!” Katya went ballistic in the front seat.
Michelle reached down and clicked the lever to lean Ivan’s seat back out of Katya’s reach. Scuffling sounds and curses came from Katya scrambling to get between the front seats into the back.
Aaron’s low growl accompanied his snapped command. “Relax! She’s not hurting him. Trust me!” His arm shot out to stop Katya from climbing in the back.
Michelle wasn’t hurting Ivan, not really. She did grind through a dry hump until he convulsed beneath her, and the warmth of his seed wet his pants. She let go of him after precisely one minute of feeding. That was her rule. One minute, no more. The rule kept her conveniently unattached and helped avoid stalker problems.
She turned around to Katya, patted Ivan’s scruffy cheek and grinned with her bloody lips. “C’est bien. I take good care of this one. Don’t worry. We are friends, non?” She ground her hips on him once more, appreciating the warmth of Ivan’s sizeable crotch. “We had a little fun. Ça ne casse rien.” It is nothing.
Anatoly’s amber wolf eyes watched Michelle from the rear-view mirror, his hands in a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel. “If you hurt him, I will cut you from cunt to chest and leave your guts across the rooftops of Moscow.”
Michelle blew him a kiss and licked the rest of Ivan’s blood off her lips. “I hope you try. I’m still hungry.”
“I’m fine! Stop fighting.” Ivan’s hand gripped Michelle’s ass firmly and he grinned with eyes fully dilated, high as a kite on her venom.
Michelle held her prey delicately, appreciatively. She knew how to handle these moments. She knew what men needed from her and had no problem giving it. Men couldn’t keep away from her. They flocked to her side everywhere she went. Once they had a shot of the venom in her teeth, she owned their asses. She took great pains to ensure the effect was not permanent.
Aaron watched her cautiously. Though he’d had no choice when he saved Katya, Michelle wished he hadn’t brought another complicated woman into their lives. It was bad enough dealing with the damned Persian princess who thought she ran the show. Add Katya in the mix, and their lives had become a mess of bitchy drama scenes, usually related to the wolf who refused to accept the harsh reality of her situation.
Her moment with Ivan came to an abrupt end when the left side window exploded in her face. A barrage of automatic gunfire tore through the car. Bullets, glass, screams and frigid air blasted across the interior. Something smacked her left shoulder hard, and seconds later something hammered into the left side of her head.
Ivan pulled her down on top of him, cursing in Russian, right up to the moment she blacked out.

Excerpt 3  Plight of A Bloodslave (NSFW)

Squirming in Aaron’s lap to get comfortable, Katya couldn’t help but grin at the hot bulge warming her ass. Aaron always did have a marvelous erection. The sexual tension between them seemed an unwavering constant right along with the insatiable need for his teeth. She caught his hypnotic eyes and let his gaze sink into her soul, letting him see her need.
His hungry eyes held her in place, rapt. Damned leech was her predator, she his prey, and somehow she was okay with this. Oh how far she had fallen.
A heavy drugged feeling overcame her, weighing down her limbs, undoing her resistance to his charms. Breathless, she tried hard to gather some wits about her. In the background, Ivan’s rumbling voice was still reminiscing about old Mother Russia, but she couldn’t focus past her body’s response to Aaron.
This was how it always started, and usually ended in the bedroom.
After an eternity of drowning in his gaze, he finally blinked and she woke up to find herself panting like a dog in heat. He grinned. “I think we’d better get some more rest before all the fun starts tonight.”
Ivan grunted, and though she wasn’t looking at him, she could almost hear the smug humor coming off him in that one noise.
Somehow she found the will power to get down off Aaron’s lap and stand on her shaky legs. He stood, wrapped his arm around her, and pulled her away towards the bedroom. Over her shoulder she caught Ivan saying something, and she looked back at him as he winked at her. She hadn’t understood a word he said, and it didn’t matter. She was already on her way to get exactly what she wanted and needed.
Aaron latched the door behind them and stood watching her as she tossed her coat aside and crawled onto the mattress on the floor. Not exactly the most romantic place in Moscow. The room was colder than the rest of the warehouse, but the anticipation of all the things she knew Aaron would do to her warmed her from the inside out.
Her mouth turned dry as he climbed atop her slow and sensual. He didn’t weigh much, but the hard edges of his body hinted at the phenomenal strength within. He could crush her in his hands if he wanted. She loved to feel all the hard lines of his muscular back, shoulders, and ass. Her hands roamed up under his shirt with a mind of their own. Thin, cut, with a supernatural physical power, she truly enjoyed his domination over her body – perhaps too much.
She lifted a shaking hand to push against his chest in a ‘stop’ motion. “I don’t want all of Moscow to hear us, especially not my brothers … please don’t make me scream.”
A broad grin split his lips to reveal full-size fangs. How could such a deadly predator be so dead sexy? His eyes assessed her like a meal to be devoured and she enjoyed it.
“I’ll try. No promises.” His hand was already sliding down past the elastic band of her pajamas, but not as fast as she wanted. He took his time gliding his fingers along the edge of her pants.
Breathing hard again, she was so damn hot for him her clothes had become stifling. She’d never been this aroused by another man. Being in his presence was a constant attraction that pushed her self-control to the limit. Her fingers raced down his chest undoing the buttons of his shirt, working toward the prize.
He slipped his fingers between her legs and found her wet and ready. One finger, then two. She purred with the lovely push of his gentle quest. Finally, she undid the last button on his pants and freed that Lochness monster. Her eager hands stroked him, squeezing and tugging. She wanted it all, now.
He emitted a low growl, and her wolf answered him with a growl of its own. She pulled on his cock while her right hand pulled him down onto her. She needed all of him. His lips, his tongue, his teeth, his whole body. His mouth crushed her with an assault of kisses. She suckled his hot tongue and ground her hot wet pussy up into his fingers, trying to get more of everything.
Something about his kiss tasted different … tangy. Then she realized his fangs had nipped her lip accidentally, and he was lapping at the cut. Tiny sparkles of wondrous warmth infused her mouth … his venom. She needed the full monty. “Bite me now!”
He pulled away, a mischievous grin on his face. “Wait for it.” He stood up and stripped off his jacket and shirt then pulled down his black pants and stepped out of them. Last to go was the burgundy red boxer shorts, more of the designer clothing that Michelle was always buying him. He stood before her in all his pale, naked glory. Katya loved looking at him, her very own Calvin Klein underwear model.
With the last bit of her failing patience she stripped her panties and pajama bottoms, and ripped off her shirt. Lucky she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Aaron’s devouring gaze combed the length of her and she thought his erection somehow got a little bit harder. Moving with silent cat-like grace he slid back up on top of her. His sculpted thighs settled between her legs and spread her wide.
Though they were both shivering, she knew the intensity of sex with Aaron, and before long they’d both be hot and sweaty. He leaned into a soft kiss with a quiet murmur on his lips. “Thank you.”
She didn’t know why he was thanking her, but it didn’t matter as he filled her aching need with his thick, hard gratitude. That’s real gratitude, and he gave it all to her, sliding in until he hit bottom.
“You’re welcome and thank you too … Bloody hell!” She could hardly breathe or speak, so full of his cock.
His hypnotic vampire eyes pierced her soul as he pulled out and shoved back in over and over. She wondered if he was seeing the whole truth of how she felt about him … if she even knew her own feelings anymore. She had never needed anyone or anything like she needed Aaron, but was it something more between them? She couldn’t see past the need, the deliciously hard sex, to get a sense of whether her emotions were genuine, or simply a reaction to spending far too much time in the company of the seductive incubus planted firmly inside her.
Her hands gripped his tight, flexing ass as he fucked her harder, faster, then even harder, and somehow even faster …
Like an electric heated sex machine, his muscular body had become almost too hot to touch, warming her to the very core. It built inside her with each of his inhumanly powerful strokes into her sopping wet pussy, an orgasm to beat all orgasms. He was doing it again, that sex-magic-healing thing he’d done to her so many times in London when he saved her life.
Grunting and growling and grasping at every part of him, he plowed her ever upwards to a steep cresting wave of joy. At the top, what had to be the peak of the world, she looked into his eyes and saw a reflection of what was in her heart.
Love. Pure, simple, uncomplicated, love.
“Aaron, please … now.”
His teeth dived into her neck and she launched off the face of the earth into an orbit of sheer heavenly bliss. Gentleman that he was, he did her the honor of holding his hand over her mouth as she screamed her throat raw.

Excerpt 4  What Vampires Were Made For (Safe For Work)

Ivan waved Aaron and Urvashi over to his side. He pointed down the wall towards a window with a small semicircular balcony. “We enter here. Anatoly will go first.” Urvashi nodded and Aaron nodded right along with her, glad they weren’t trying to send him in first.
Michelle crept up silent beside Aaron and tapped Ivan’s shoulder. “I will follow him.” Ivan and Urvashi gave her identical looks of alarmed suspicion. She growled low and snapped. “I have been hunting in the darkness for decades. Do not deny me!”
Ivan held up his hand to silence her, but answered her demand with a terse nod. Aaron didn’t like it any more than Ivan did. The woman was wound tight as a bowstring, ready to snap.
Urvashi’s intense look came with another psychic bump. {{She is your responsibility. Ensure that she doesn’t jeopardize our mission.}}
Fuck. Stuck babysitting the psycho vampire bullet magnet on a killing spree. The fun never ends in Moscow.
Anatoly gripped the indentations in the brick fascia for handholds and quickly climbed down onto the balcony. Using a lockpick gun, he opened the door and worked his way inside. As soon as he slipped through, Michelle flowed off the side of the building and landed on the balcony silent as a cat burglar. She was in the door faster than Aaron could curse her name.
Urvashi’s intense eyes flashed with another warning {{Get control of her!}}. Aaron scooted off the side of the building to follow his errant lover. He plopped down onto the balcony in a not-so-graceful thud, and raced past Anatoly after Michelle. Anatoly did a double take on Michelle as she lit through the room, making a beeline for the nearest warm body. It was an oversized bedroom suite, with a huge four poster bed, and a lone man who had begun to wake up from the disturbance they were making at the balcony.
Aaron hoped to god it was Dmitri as Michelle landed on the unsuspecting man. Her teeth settled into his throat with a wet crunch, and she sucked his blood down so hard and fast that the man went into coronary in a matter of seconds. His body was dead by the time she sat up for air, a wondrous look of satisfaction on her red-smeared lips.
Anatoly stared at her sideways, as if she’d grown a beard. His eyebrows raised, obvious fear in his face, he pointed at her. “She was hungry, dah?”
Aaron nodded.
The rest of the wolves gathered inside the room and quietly closed the balcony door while Ivan checked the corpse in bed. His eyes scrunched up and he looked to the wolves.
“Who was it?” Vasily asked in a hushed whisper. Both Ivan and Michelle shrugged their shoulders at the same time. She had killed a man, probably a servant, and no one had a clue who he was. The guy never even had a chance to wake up properly before she sucked him dry.
This was not the Michelle Aaron had lived with the past four months. Hunger and anxiety had stripped away her usually rigid self-control. He wondered where his lover had disappeared to, and when she might come back to him … if ever. She was up off the bed and headed for the doorway without another word.
Urvashi’s command slapped his mind. {{Follow her! She is your responsibility.}}
Michelle slipped out the door, and Aaron jetted after her. The hallway was wide and long, stretching over a hundred feet in both directions. Michelle stood poised, her nose wrinkled once to the left, and she flitted off so fast she blurred out of focus.
It was all Aaron could do to follow her without sounding like a freight train running down the hallway. Doing his best to maintain stealth, he slid up on her as she stood overlooking a three foot high railing that led to a grand staircase curving down to the lower level. She tested the scents on the air and peered through the darkness into a huge open area, a great room with vaulted ceilings that reached high above. A slight whisper of sound caught her attention.
Aaron’s senses honed to a sharp point as he watched Michelle gauge the stairs and the distance to her prey walking through the darkness of the lower level. He read the decision in her mind as she figured the stairs would give her prey too much warning. In the space of a breath she was up atop the heavy stone railing, poised for action. With one glance back at Aaron, a look of sheer anticipation and excitement, his lover launched into the air on a trajectory for her meal.
Adrenaline coursing through his veins, Aaron considered the insane idea of following his unhinged lover. Then a second guard walked into the room twenty feet behind the first. Both men were armed with rifles hanging from shoulder straps, not your run-o-the-mill rent-a-cops.
With a silent curse on his lips, Aaron did the unthinkable. He leaped onto the railing and pushed off hard, flying out into the open air, thirty feet above his target, the second guard. He prayed there wasn’t a third man trailing them.
Michelle hit her dinner head on and the two of them tumbled across the million dollar marble floors. Aaron reached behind him for the hilt of his sword and slid the katana from its scabbard as the second guard shouted and brought his firearm to bear on Michelle and her victim.
The man beneath Michelle fought a pointless battle. She tore through him without mercy, cutting off his scream with her teeth in his throat. The second guard finally sensed something coming and looked right at Aaron – too late. Aaron slashed through his left arm and bowled the man over. They ended in a tangle of limbs with the katana buried in the man’s ribs.
A quick twist and shove, and Aaron cut straight through his heart. He stood up and pulled his blade free of the gurgling man then licked the blood off the sword. He wanted to curse Michelle as she guzzled down her victim’s life. The words caught in his throat. It had taken this moment to remind Aaron of his inherent nature, a predator. He slid the sword home in the inverted sheath under his coat and kneeled to catch a solid meal from the dying man at his feet.
This is what vampires were made for.
He’d been fooling himself to think he could function within the rules and conventions of the human world. After filling his gut, he stood to find Urvashi and the wolves watching him and Michelle from atop the landing. He sensed his master measuring him carefully.
It had all happened so fast, like flipping a switch, and there was no flipping it back, not tonight. Aaron now had a new title to add to his resume – vampire assassin.