Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Win a hardcover of DRAGONBANE by Sherrilyn Kenyon or a Kindle Paperwhite #Giveaway #ASMSG

Enter to win a hardcover novel DRAGONBANE by Sherrilyn Kenyon or a Kindle Paperwhite.
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1. In The Devils Nebula by Anna Hackett
2. Angel 6.0 Concubine by Travis Luedke
3. Hunted By Treaty by Kayla Stonor
4. Time Thief by Anna Hackett
5. Angel 6.0 Escape by Travis Luedke
 6. Under By Treaty by Kayla Stonor
7. On A Cyborg Planet by Anna Hackett

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Kindle Paperwhite Ereader Giveaway with FREE Ebooks! #SciRom #ASMSG via @EveLanglais

Kindle Paperwhite and Scifi Romance Novel Giveaway!

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Nothing but FREE! Free Ebooks Galore! #FreeEbooks #ASMSG

Scifi Erotica
Alien Romance
Space Opera
Gentically Enhanced Concubines

Two awesome scifi erotic romance ebooks FREE on Kindle!

ANGEL 6.0, CONCUBINE by Travis Luedke

Born of illegal experimentation on the human genome, I've been stolen across the galaxy and enslaved as concubine to Captain Cronin of the alien race of Cats called The Gran. I am Angel 6.0 and this is the dark, wicked, violent tale of my struggle to survive among humans and aliens who despise me.
***Attention Reviewers! If you download and review ANGEL 6.0 CONCUBINE, send me a link to your review at, I will instantly send you the next book in the series FREE for review.


Dol’ce retrieves Colonel Marcel, a prisoner of war, by order of the Qui Treaty with Earth. Her compassionate care soothes Marcel’s tortured soul, but his unruly pheromones wreak havoc on her senses. Marcel needs this glittering alien gem in his life, but can he accept the war is really over?

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Bonus freebies! Two more free ebooks from Travis Luedke you can grab right now!

“True Blood meets Sons of Anarchy when darkness falls on San Antonio.”
Chock-full of vampires, mafia & mayhem, this wicked blend of dark romance and paranormal fantasy from New York Times and USA Today bestseller Travis Luedke is an indulgent sinful pleasure.
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TEASE TO PLEASE, 50 excerpts from 50 Extraordinary Authors.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Final Episode of Angel 6.0! Join the Facebook party! #ASMSG

August 25th 2015 - Two Series, Two New Books!

Who's ready to party with bdsm, scifi, zero gravity sex and romance?


Abducted, enslaved as concubine to alien Cats, then rescued and mated to the Prince.
Princess Angel must embrace her destiny as the Emissary to the Emperor. Can she do what is necessary to stop a galactic war that threatens everyone she loves?


Goodreads reviewers are raving about the final episode of Angel 6.0!
 "Travis writes a hot sexy, adventure filled series that is like no other. If you dare to these outstanding books."
"Dark, riveting, sexy, fantastic end to Angel 6.0's tale. Her love life is sexy, violent, dark and satisfying to the Nth degree."
"This EPIC finale showcased just how much Angel has endured and will risk to protect the ones she loves." 

Fans of Angel 6.0 will love the latest episode of the Qui Treaty Collection by Kayla Stonor
(edited by Travis Luedke)

She vows to break him, her love knows no limits…
Darby’s love for her commanding officer is twisted into psychotic obsession by alien tech. Abducted and coerced into sexual submission, Ethan fights to connect with the real Darby before she destroys them both.


Goodreads reviewers are raving about Obsession By Treaty!
 "Dark, thrilling, twisted, and emotionally intense, so much so that your book hangover will be one that requires a glass of wine and a smoke."
"WOW that was one dark ride, here I thought the previous book in the series was dark, but this one topped it."
"Wowza! If ever there was a time to feel like you have gone through an emotional washing machine this is it."

 Join Travis Luedke and Kayla Stonor for an out of this world celebration with zero gravity erotic romance, guest author appearances, giveaways, games, prizes and more!
August 25th 2015 - Two Series, Two New Books!

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The other thing I learned about this software, I can put it on any site or domain. That means I can use it for any pen names I create, for my blog, my website, and integrate it into my Facebook page, and Facebook or Twitter advertising.  Its fucking awesome.

Authors out there looking for a way to use giveaways to get emails -- this is it. 


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Voracious Vixens, 13 Novels of #Paranormal #Romance for only $.99! #ASMSG

13 Novels of Sexy Horror 
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Hot, steamy, pulse-pounding, filled with romantic suspense, alpha-males, powerful female heroines, and paranormal thriller intensity, these entrancing stories take readers for a sensual, exciting journey.

Vampires and black panties, I'd buy that for a dollar!

Ready to heat up your ereader?

Available at $0.99 for a limited period are thirteen paranormal novels and novellas of Voracious Vixens in one collection! Satisfaction guaranteed from New York Times, USA Today & Amazon bestselling authors. Discover these supernatural females as they battle for supremacy in alpha-dominated worlds. Sexy, sultry, and strong, these women make formidable allies, dangerous foes, and sensual lovers – a perfect matchup for any alpha hero.

Anthology Includes: Slayers & Assassins, Alphas, Hunters & Huntresses, Guardians & Protectors, Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy, Futuristic, Fairy Tales, Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy, Sweet & Steamy Romance, Fated Mates & Forbidden Lovers, Witches, Wizards & Werewolves, Demons & Devils, Magic, Ghosts, Vampires, Mind-readers, Psychics, Shapeshifters, Faeries, Werewolves, and so much more! Separately, these books cost over $50!

This set is only available for a limited time at less than a $1, so order your copy before it's gone!

Join us at the FACEBOOK EVENT from 7-6 through 7-10 
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Enjoy alien aphrodisiac liquor at the Summer Cafe @sfrbrigade #SFR #Giveaways #ASMSG

Here at the SFR Brigade's Summer Cafe its time for some supernova hotness with space opera erotic romance. Dine in with Scifi Romance Excerpts and a giveaway! 
Care to join me for brunch?

Here's all the places we'll be visiting durning the Supernova Hotness week of the blog hop with the SFR Brigade:

In my cafe, as we dine among alien artifacts, we appreciate the finer qualities of aphrodisiac liquor distilled for concubines of the Gran....

Excerpt  -- Lots of Fun (NSFW)

Instead of striking me or chastising me as I expected, he clicked approval and grabbed another bottle of liquor from his cabinet. He poured my glass full once more. After the fifth cup, I felt nothing. No desire for Cesar. No need for Cesar. No desire to be rid of this tall, furry, striped son-of-a bitch with his huge cock swinging in front of my face. I felt nothing but a floating haze of inebriation.
Liquor was the answer to my problems.
After the sixth cup, I’d was a grinning fool who could barely stand, perfectly content sprawled across the Captain’s lap, my cheek rested against his thick, warm cock. There was something about his gloriously large cock that made me happy, even though I’d never get it inside me.
I buried my fingers in the fur of his thighs, giggling and enjoying the feeling of his powerful musculature. I rubbed my face against the soft fur on his chest. I knew what he wanted, the same thing every male wants. Instead I teased him and avoided his ever-hardening cock. When I tried to stand up I fell over and found myself whisked into his powerful arms. He laid me out on his couch-lounger and hovered over me, a look of satisfaction on his face.
“I understand you, Angel. I know you are pained by the loss of your men. For this reason I forgive you … this time.”
He unzipped my suit and I did not fight him. He stripped my one-piece off and all I could do was giggle. He grabbed my knees in his clawed grip and squeezed hard enough to draw blood. The pain brought more trickles of euphoria and a smile to my face. It didn’t matter if he wanted to hurt me. He’d already destroyed me when he took me from Cesar. Physical pain was nothing more than pleasure to my twisted nervous system.
Bleeding and smiling, I curled up naked in his arms, loving the sensations of his slippery, soft fur on my skin. I had to face the fact this was my place, right here, playing pretend for the Captain. If I couldn’t be with Cesar, I had to try to salvage a future.
I had to accept the harsh truth: I was not made to be loved. Who could love a thing designed in a laboratory, an experiment? No love for Angel. But I could still have fun. Lots of fun.

Excerpt  -- Make Him Pay (NSFW)

With Cronin’s ship cruising double-time to reach the jump site at the outer edge of our solar system, I found my fellow concubine curled into a ball, passed out on the couch in her cabin. Chilla’s beautiful green-striped fur had bloodstains from a recent round of punishing sex with Cronin. If there was a hell for Cats, that son-of-a-bitch Cronin had a special corner dedicated to him.
Seeing her miserable condition lit fires of fury in my veins. My hands shook with the intense adrenaline rush, the need to lash out and hurt someone. If he fucking came near me, I’d probably break his claws off one a time and use them to castrate him.
He tried to enter our cabin a few hours later, without permission or warning. I kicked him so hard in his fat, fist-sized balls that he puked all over the hallway as I shoved him back out the door.
Chilla moaned from the couch. “If I deny him, he will short my payment.”
“And if you’re dead, how will you collect your money?”
She didn’t argue that one. Concubines had died servicing males who lost control while high on amixa. She’d admitted as much, and I feared she’d end up like one of her lost sisters, dead on the floor, fucked and mauled to death.
Chilla’s thighs showed deep scarring from the many times she’d been mauled during sex with males high on amixa. Her nanomed cream healed her wounds in a couple days, but it didn’t get rid of the scars. That cream she used religiously was the only reason she’d survived this long.
The Captain and I couldn’t really have sex, and he didn’t do any permanent damage to me. Though his massive cock didn’t fit me, he was creative with his games of pretend. Luckily, my skin healed in hours without a mark. I could serve him well enough to keep him away from Chilla until she recovered.
Cronin waited a few hours before he knocked on our door with a polite growl, requesting entry. I hoped his balls were too sore to get it up and enjoy his drug addiction. Chilla, the fool, answered the door and let him in. The stupid female worried she wouldn’t get paid if she refused him service.
Though I wanted to crush his swollen testicles in my hands so I could watch him mewl and puke, I volunteered to service him, to keep him off Chilla for another day. Like a good little concubine I followed Cronin back to his cabin. He laid out the bottle of spiced amber-colored liquor with little spongy squares of spice cake –Angel treats – and watched me strip off my one-piece suit. The Cats, specifically Cronin, preferred I wear the clothing of a female Cat – a barely there bra, and a belted skirt thing that left my legs, thighs and most of my ass bared. My zipper suit was quickly discarded as the Captain brought out my new outfit, another facet of his pretend routine.
Standing naked before this massive male, with a swinging dick as long as my arm, I was glad for the liquor. The potent aphrodisiac liquor allowed me to perform for this motherfucker, instead of killing him like I wanted to. He bent me over, sprayed amixa on my back and ass, and rubbed his monstrous cock between my thighs, pretending to fuck me. With the heavy meat of his erection rubbing my inner thighs and pussy raw, I knew somehow, some way, I’d make him pay. If not for all he’d done to me – for Chilla.

 Join Angel 6.0 in her struggle to survive as a concubine to the Gran:

And don't forget about the AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!

Enjoy your time among the stars, and don't overdo it at the bar, that aphrodisiac liquor packs a wallop. You just might find yourself enslaved to a warlike race of alien Cats...

Custom artwork inspired by Angel 6.0