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He ruined her career and she locked him in chastity #BDSM #ASMSG

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Deep undercover, a mission to take down an international trafficking ring leads Jenna Tayler into the dark side of sexual slavery — an exclusive conspiracy selling wealthy women retribution for their wayward men. To infiltrate the Kabas operation, she’s forced to turn against her fellow agent, Ryan Crichten.
Maddeningly arrogant. British. Sexy alpha male. Ryan signed up for any mission, whatever the cost, but his reactions to being abducted must ring true or Jenna’s cover is blown. Everything Jenna learned about safe, sane and consensual is scrapped. To keep Ryan alive and maintain cover, she must force him into submission.
She’ll do whatever it takes, but he’s not making the job easy.
Ryan believes Jenna to be CIA, on assignment to London. She catches his eye and throws him off-balance, but she’s in way over her head. When he pulls her off the team — for her own protection — she abducts him. The woman’s gone off the deep end, hell bent on subjecting him to constant sexual frustration. His elite spy training never prepared him for sensual torture, and the mixed signals from Jenna confuse the hell out of him.
She’s hiding something, and not just the key to his manhood.
This romantic suspense international spy novel is part of Kayla Stonor’s Surrender Collection:
#1 Under By Duress
#2 Under By Treaty
#3 Under By Vengeance
Reader please note: Kayla Stonor’s steamy romance novels can be dark and edgy, hot and wicked, punishing and uplifting. If you find certain themes uncomfortable reading, these BDSM themed stories may not be for you. This erotic story includes tease and denial. Please see inside cover for further detail.

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Under By Vengeance
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4* Amazon Review by Crystal: “Author Kayla Stonor was able to weave a convincing BDSM/femdom storyline with a hint of suspense and a HEA.” Clickhere to see full review.
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Jenna peeled off the latex glove then stepped up to Crichten’s left side and crouched beside his head. She gently ran her fingers through his hair. The rhythm of his breathing increased, a muscle in his jaw twitched, but his eyes stared fixedly at a point in front of him. She gripped his hair roots and yanked his head back so he looked at the ceiling.
“I should wash out your mouth.”
His gaze flicked towards her. “You did leave a sour taste.”
She smiled and shook his head from side to side. “But your ass is so inviting. When did you last experience a good, old-fashioned spanking?”
“Is that the best you can come up with?”
“Of course your training covered humiliation. Still, you haven’t had me spank you before.”
She pushed his head forward then rested her ungloved hand between his shoulder blades. He twitched at her touch. She trailed her fingers down his spine to the small of his back.
“How are you doing down below?” She swiveled around so she could run her hand under his waist and explore his caged cock. He tensed when she rubbed the skin bulging through the air vents. Her index finger traced the Vengeance cage to its tip where the head of his penis strained to escape the tiny slit. She scraped the exposed flesh with her nail.
Crichten hissed.
“That hurts, huh?” She dug her nail into the sensitive spot until he was straining away from her touch.
She leaned down and kissed his back where smooth, toned skin met the muscular curve of his buttocks. Moisture seeped into panties already damp from when he’d trapped her up against the wall. She stopped toying with his caged penis, stood up, and stripped off her bikini bottoms, her modesty protected by her sarong. Then she moved in front of him, bent down and pressed her panties against his nose.


Ryan recoiled from the musky scent filling his nostrils, all too aware the sweet smell of her sex would drive him to distraction. Her swift retaliation had drawn an unwelcome response from his treacherous cock. Fingers gripped his hair, holding him trapped. The need for air compelled him to inhale through the silky material. He struggled not to collapse as his limbs turned to mush. His cock hardened until he winced.
“I think you liked that,” she taunted him.
Holding back a moan proved a challenge. Some perverse part of him wanted Jenna to know her effect on him. A saner part resisted the dangerous notion. When the material lifted away, he gulped in fresh air. He didn’t expect her to pinch his nose.
Immediately, he held his breath, determined to fight her every step of the way. She waited. Seconds ticked by. Then a minute. He struggled to escape her relentless hold, dropping his head to the floor and shaking furiously, but his restraints were secure and allowed little movement. His lungs began to burn. On the verge of passing out, he gasped for air. It came with a ball of musky material. Her panties filled his mouth. He gagged and she let go of his nose so he could breathe. The taste of her desire extended down the back of his throat.
Hell, he could drown in her scent. His arousal mounted.
“That should do the trick. Watch your mouth in future, Ryan, or I’ll watch it for you.”
She moved out of sight and he immediately started work on ejecting the makeshift gag with his tongue. The unmistakable sound of ripping duct tape doubled his efforts to no avail. She returned and plastered the tape across his lips and Ryan blasted her with a furious glare. His anger kept a rising panic at bay — a horrible fear that he’d made a bad decision letting her cuff his hands to the floor. She’d been vulnerable to attack; he could have killed her with one blow.
Instead he’d trusted his instincts.
Last night, he’d sensed her pull back. He needed to see how far she would take him. More than that, he needed to know he could handle how far she was prepared to go, like it or not. He had little choice in the matter. She had the back up to handle him any way she wanted.
Jenna crouched down to his level and stroked the under curve of his jaw. Her gentle fingers mocked his impotent fury. “You really need to learn the consequence to disrespect.”
End Excerpt
Copyright Kayla Stonor 2016
All Rights Reserved
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