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The Passion of Erotic Romance by @MarilynLakewood #EroticRomance #ASMSG


The Passion of Erotic Romance

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Article written by Marilyn Lakewood

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I write erotic romance, some with elements of dominance and submission. It’s fiction, and not meant to be a guide or manual, in any way whatsoever. My stories are not real life. They are about consensual fantasy situations—romantic and sexual fantasies—with sexy alpha male heroes. They are meant to be fun, an adventure and entertaining escape.

No matter what type of romance you prefer, passion is a key element. Taut sexual tension between lovers remains the gold-standard for exciting romance. 

Readers love that strung-out, wiggle in your seat, heart-pounding, breathless excitement. The hotter, the better.  

Foreplay increases sexual tension. Drawn out glances, touches, starts and slows, the ‘just barely’ makes everything about the dance of courtship foreplay.

One of the things I love about D/s romance is the way it takes foreplay to a higher level. Foreplay on steroids. A scene between a Dom and his subbie isn’t just about the cuffs or floggers that increase the physical intensity of foreplay—a Dom playing with his lover can also increase the duration of foreplay.

Who doesn’t like that?

And then there’s the way a Dom lavishly bestows attention on his sub before, during, and afterwards.

Wildly romantic, right? And ultra responsible. 

Romance readers can find passion in many sub-genres. Fantasy romance, paranormal romance, ménage romance, sci-fi romance, western romance, and D/s romance—to name just some—and within each there are more choices.

I enjoy all kinds of romance with Alpha heroes—the majority are M/f and M/f/M*, but whatever your preferences, there’s a vast spectrum of choice in erotic romance.

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*I’ve noticed some D/s stories have tags that use a capitol ‘M’ to denote a dominant male, and small ‘f’ to denote a submissive female. So if I see M/f, I not only know it’s about a man and woman, I also know it’s a dominant male and a submissive female. By the same short & sweet method, if I see M/f/M, not only do I know the story is a ménage where both men make love to the woman, I also know she’s submissive and the males are dominant.

It makes sense to me. 

I liked this post by Kim Dare defining some acronyms used in erotic writing. The article was written in 2008, but I think these terms are still in use.


Marilyn Lakewood is our latest UP and Coming author! Diving into Sugar Kink Ink, her debut novel "Chase's Hard Wear" is expected to be released December 2014. This new series revolves around light bondage and BDSM themes that tantalize until you scream! "Chase's Hard Wear" will be the first of three and maybe more in the series.

Marilyn writes stories with hot, alpha males to inspire her during the long Northwest winters. She loves creating XXX romances with protective, hard-lovin' heroes and sexy fantasies.  

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