Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beyond The Black Sea ~ A Dark #UrbanFantasy #Review #ASMSG

Those naughty little half-demon bastards are at it again! Wisdom, a genie and time-traveler extraordinaire, is back with all the usual suspects, for round two of the Activation saga. The mythology delves deep into the very origins of humanity, birthed from the decadence and decline of Atlantis.

Plots hatched millenniums ago are coalescing into the endgame ... and the end of mankind

In short: Earth is screwed. 

The only thing standing in the way of Armageddon is a gang of half-demon bastards, the last people you'd ever want tasked with saving the world. Antiheroes abound in this short, intense tale of a bad situation gone to hell faster than a jail cell fills with drug addicts.

Its X-men on crack, complete with doomsday devices, wizards, winged lizardmen assassins, dragons, shapeshifters, body-snatching demons, and of course, undead cybernetic solders that catch a scent and hunt their prey to the ends of the Earth -- all the old favorites

Fans of dark fantasy, urban fantasy and horror should love this fast-paced novel chocked full of mayhem, chaos, destruction, and snappy one-liners. Joseph Murphy at his best. 

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