Saturday, August 23, 2014

Scifi Romance PREORDER Bash! Two awesome novels at a discount! #Scifi #Romance #ASMSG


From August 24 - 30th, join the Facebook Bash for giveaways of signed paperbacks, ebooks, and more!

Scifi, Romance, Fantasy, Aliens, Sex Magic, BDSM, have it all with Kayla Stonor and Patricia Knight!

UNDER BY TREATY: General Jaden is stolen across the galaxy to the Empire of the Qui and forced into submission to an Alien Empress. He's hers by Treaty. She wants his devotion.  
Releases September 9th.
Grab UNDER BY TREATY by Kayla Stonor for only $1.99

HERS TO CLAIM: Hel, a descendant of Kings, bows low to beg for help to rid his lands of a killing blight so evil it corrupts the very ground they walk on.  His salvation lies in the hands of Adonia, a common healer whose untapped power is called upon to save all of Verdantia. 

Releases September 12th
Grab HERS TO CLAIM by Patricia Knight for only $2.99

Both amazing novels are on discount until September release! Grab them now!

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