Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Marketing 4 DeadBroke Writers ~ Stop Wasting $$$ on #BookMarketing, Start Selling Books #ASMSG

Writers Stop Starving, and Start Selling Books!

Marketing for DeadBroke Writers
Online Education Sponsored by ASMSG
Presented by Joel Scott

Learn effective book marketing via social media with this inexpensive 11 class course.  For details and registration, go to

Marketing for DeadBroke Writers
Online Education 
Sponsored by ASMSG
Presented by Joel Scott

Joel Scott is a published author with six educational books in the for Dummies series and nearly 100,000 books sold. He is also an experienced educator and speaker.
The Marketing for DeadBroke Writers™ course was designed and presented by Joel Scott for the Author Learning Center, a division of Author Solutions. That company was absorbed by Penguin, which in turn, was absorbed by Random House.  Since its inception in 2011 this course has attracted more than a thousand students.
After every class, each student was asked to submit an evaluation. Here are a few quotes from prior students.
“This has been the best Author Learning Center webinar I have listened to!”
“I found the technical conversations the most helpful, and enjoyed when he gave a visual example of another facebook page.”
“I am new to Twitter and this webinar helped fill in information on how to use Twitter.  Didn’t have the foggiest notion before and don’t like to stumble around in the dark.”
“The information about linking Twitter to your Facebook fan Page, and creating an audio excerpt [was really helpful].”
As the results of the recent ASMSG poll showed, our members feel the need for in-depth training on author marketing in today’s confusing world of social media and promotions. Joel Scott and ASMSG have designed a special set of online classes at a steeply discounted price exclusively available to members of ASMSG.
Here are some key parameters.
  1. Each of the eleven online sessions will be about 45 minutes in length and will have a Q&A session.
  2. Each class will be presented twice to accommodate peoples’ schedules and time zones.
  3. Classes will be recorded for students to access later at their convenience.
  4. The first class, Planning and Building your Audience, will be free to all ASMSG members.
  5. Members signing up for the course will also receive a free copy of Mr. Scott’s upcoming book,Marketing for DeadBroke Writers.
  6. The entire course costs just $50 – a significant discount just for ASMSG members
  7. Classes are planned to begin in January, 2015 and there will be a class each week.
  8. Wednesday sessions at 8:30 p.m Eastern and Sunday sessions at 8:30 pm Eastern (a repeat of Wednesday)
Scheduled Classes for 2015 Winter Semester
1Planning and Building your Audience (FREE TO EVERYONE)January 14 & 18
2Selecting the Right PublisherJanuary 21 & 25
3Using Facebook Fan PagesFebruary 4 & 8
4Using Twitter and associated toolsFebruary 11 & 15
5Filling in with other Social MediaFebruary 18 & 22
6Using Amazon and Smashwords ToolsFebruary 25 & 29
7Creating and Using Audio ExcerptsMarch 4 & 8
8How to Blog and integrate it with the rest of your campaign toolsMarch 11 & 15
9Building your own websiteMarch 18 & 22
10I don’t need no stinkin’ editorMarch 25 & 29
11How to go Viral (really?)April 1 & 5
We will provide details on each class and a registration form.  
Holiday promotional price of $50.00 
Enrollment open until January 14th 2015  ENROLL NOW!

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