Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cyborgs are so much more than machines: ADAM #Scfi #Romance by @EveLanglais #ASMSG

Cyborgs are so much more than machines…

The deluge of water stopped and left her dripping. She wasn’t quite done.
“Please remove all your garments and place them in the disposal chute.”
Strip to the skin? Surely he wouldn’t make her? Her gaze met the soldier’s, but his smooth expression didn’t reveal anything.
“Must I?” she queried. “I didn’t get any on the coat, so I doubt my clothes are a risk.”
“Orders, ma’am.”
The military and their damned orders.
Lips drawn in a tight line, she stripped from her soaked garments and dropped them into the chute that led to a sealed oven, which used extreme heat to disintegrate contaminated items. Standing in her bra and panties, she dared him to say something.
He did. The bastard. “All of your clothes, ma’am.”
“Can you turn around?”
“Sorry, ma’am. My orders are to watch you for signs of infection.”
Watch? More like leer, the pervert. And to think she’d entertained lusty thoughts about him. Not anymore. Inwardly grumbling, she shed her undergarments, and while she didn’t meet his gaze, she was aware of it and couldn’t help but blush.

Panties and bra tossed in the trash, she hugged herself and glared through a wet hank of hair at her guard. His face might not show emotion, but she couldn’t help but note his gaze seemed more intent than usual. Despite her annoyance at his insistence on following the rules, she couldn’t help the awareness flushing her skin. She also couldn’t help an inappropriate mental question.
Does he like what he sees?
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