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Genetically Engineered Heroes And Heroines With Cynthia Sax #SciRom #ASMSG

Cynthia Sax stopped by the Nightlife Blog for a little chitchat on Genetically Engineered Heroes and Heroines!

Want the perfect lover? The perfect assassin? The perfect being?

Design him or her.

This isn’t yet possible but it isn’t as ridiculous a suggestion as it was a decade ago. We’ve cloned animals (and, I suspect, humans – though no one will admit to this). We’ve replaced defective genes with effective ones. There are experiments happening right now in laboratories that could change who or what we are.

It is this ‘could’ that fascinates many SciFi romance writers, including Travis and myself.

Why would we want to change humans? For military purposes? To allow us to inhabit planets with different atmospheres or environments? To eliminate aging and death.

How would we want to change humans? Will we make ourselves self-healing? Give us wings and the ability to fly? Increase our speed? Our strength?

The possibilities of genetic engineering are endless and so are the possible characters.

Travis has his enigmatic Angel, the heroine of his action-packed Angel 6.0 series. As he shares, she is the “untapped potential of the human genome, the next step in human evolution.” Will she use her enhancements to help her human creators or to help the Gran? We’re not quite sure.

Rage, the hero of my most recent release, Releasing Rage, is a cyborg. He’s half man, half machine, genetically designed to be the ideal warrior. He has both processors and a brain. He learns as quickly as a computer but has the ability to think and act for himself. His genetically enhanced muscles supplement his protective metal frame. He heals quickly and has an almost limitless lifespan.

Rage was manufactured to be a weapon. He’s treated as an object. He’s well aware that, although he resembles a human, he isn’t one. He’ll never be one. When he meets his human heroine, his differences are amplified even more. 

The great thing about genetically engineered heroes and heroines in SciFi romance is… no one intentionally designs an unattractive being. (grins) Angel, Travis’ heroine, is attractive. Rage, although scarred and an earlier primitive model of cyborg, is very hunky. Genetic enhancements can also have interesting impacts on the physical part of a relationship.

If you genetically engineer a human with one trait, what trait would you choose? Why? 

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