Friday, August 24, 2012

Looking for Paranormal Romance Beta readers

I need beta readers-critiques for my paranormal-romance-urban-fantasy-erotic novel series 'The Nightlife".  The series spans the globe, starting with New York, where the two main characters begin, and moves on to Las Vegas, Paris, London, and Moscow.  There are definitely plans for Hong Kong or Shanghai in the works as well.

Story elements:  Vampires, strippers, escorts, domestic gangs, Columbian cartels, corrupt cops, pimps, all the classical elements of a shady metropolitan nightlife blended with two vampires (the main two characters).  There are underlying themes of romance throughout, but its not exactly romance--more urban fantasy horror.  No significant world building until very late in the series.  Their world is exactly the same as ours, but seen through the lenses of vampires living in the gritty nightlife of these various metropolitan cities.  Very intense action scenes, graphic violence, very heavy erotica, and a flashback in time to WWII (book 3 Paris) and the murders of the Czar Nicolas II and family in Russia (book 5 Moscow).

In addition to this series I have two stand alone YA paranormal novels that have elements of vampires and violence.

And did I mention the near-future sci-fi novel I'm working on?

Looking for critiques, beta readers, and I'm willing to exchange a beta-read critique in order to get one (as time allows for it)

Feel free to email me at or twitter @TWLuedke.

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