Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Six Flags roller coaster hoe-down

We regularly do a marathon run at Six Flags San Antonio, riding every roller coaster as many times as possible in one day.  Its kindofa theme-park cardio workout, racing to each ride in succession, trying to beat the lines of tourists/riders, trying to get in on the front of the ride.

To ride a roller coaster at the very front is a wholly different animal than just coasting along somewhere in the middle or at the end.  Its like there's nothing but you and the track (if you can see it), and the wind in your face as you accelerate through the air to speeds of 80+ miles per hour, G-force slamming you in all different directions.  Its damn near a religious experience.

The funny thing is, I never enjoyed roller coasters as a kid, but now I love them.  Does that mean I'm aging in reverse?

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