Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Spanking Good Time with Erotica Authors, PART II: Liv Honeywell

This is the second of a BDSM interview series for Erotica Authors. Our first adventure with Bad Penny was so popular, I decided to revisit this theme.

Be warned, there is very explicit content herein:

TL: “Hello fans of the Nightlife novels, we have returned for the second installment of my BDSM interview series with Erotica Authors. Here today with me in sunny, 90 degree San Antonio, is Liv Honeywell, a British author of BDSM erotica. She found me on Twitter, when I tweeted about male erotica authors experiencing discrimination.

Since then we did the mutual Facebook-Twitter timeline stalking, and snooped around each of our blogs – the social media equivalent of dogs sniffing crotch.

LH: “Most elegantly put there, Travis! Well, as you mentioned, we had quite a fascinating discussion before about the possibility that male authors are discriminated against, so when you offered to interview me, I thought it might be interesting. I hopped on a plane, came all the way here and now look at me!”

(Liv shakes her hiney to test her restraints)

“I walked in the door and, without so much as a by your leave – never mind a ‘hello’ or a ‘would you care for a cup of tea’ - two burly men grabbed me, removed most of my clothing and tied me to this… what is this? I know we’re all erotica writers together and so on, but dammit, I’m British!”

TL: “Yeah, perhaps you should have familiarized yourself with my own peculiar style of interview before you came?”

LH: “It appears that I should have. Well, I’m here now and I don’t appear to be going anywhere.”

TL: “Count yourself lucky I only had the guys grab you. The last one I drugged with ketamine, and she woke up like this.”

LH: “Oh. Dear me. Well, I’d much rather you did it this way, if you insist, rather than drugging me with ketamine or goodness knows what else.”

TL: (Sighs in resignation) “Disappointing, but we’ll have our fun nonetheless.”

LH: “I’m sure we will. Oh, what’s that?” 

(TL pulls a small black briefcase from a drawer)
TL: “This is what’s known as electrostim or electrosex. It’s supposed to be pretty fun. For one of us anyway.” (TL squeezes open the little jaws of the electrode clamps, chomping them in her face) “I’m going to hook these little clamp electrodes here and here on each nipple.”

LH: “Ouch! Those have teeth!” (Liv squirms and grits her teeth in pain)

TL: “That they do. Need a good solid bite for the current.” (TL twists a little with each clamp)

LH: “Ow! Don’t!” (TL twists some more and then licks each nipple softly) “Well … Okay I guess you can do that. You did say I am getting paid for this interview.”

TL: “You like a little pain? The last clamp goes down here …”

LH: “No! Not there! You are not putting that on my … oooooooh!”

TL: “Okay then, all set.” (TL hits the switch)
LH: “Bloody hell! That stings.” (LH wriggles her hips) “But it’s… rather nice.”

TL: “Love hearing the accent, very sexy. Does it hurt yet? I don’t think I’m using enough juice.” (TL turns it up a notch)
LH: “Ow! Shit! That hurts. And you haven’t even asked me any questions yet. Can we talk about how much I’m being paid for this interview? You were a bit vague in your email. Does it bear any relation to how much you turn up that dial?”

(TL turns it off but leaves the dial setting)

TL: “That seems like the right setting. Okay, now we’re ready. So, tell us something about your latest book. I hear it’s a BDSM anthology. Is there any electrosex in your stories?”

LH: “Okay. My first story, Imagine, was published last year by Silver Moon Books, and my new book is called Coming, Ready or Not: Three tales of tease and denial. My latest work is the story of a couple, Will and Abby, developing a Master/slave relationship. It's about them learning together. There aren’t any billionaires in this one, no mysterious castles in the middle of nowhere; just two ordinary people, who could be anyone you’d see walking down the street, but who are in an M/s relationship. With the humour, the laughing, the fact that it isn't perfect, sometimes things do go wrong, and with the best will in the world you can't always obey, however much you want to, and there are consequences that come with that. And there’s not one scene of electrosex. (LH wriggles) But Travis, I don’t think you’re doing it right. It’s not supposed to hurt, is it?”

(TL flips the switch back on and turns it up another notch)

LH: “Ow! Okay! Okay! You’re doing it right! You’re doing it right!”

(TL switches it off with an evil grin of satisfaction)

TL: “I read the instruction manual. I know what I’m doing. See right here on the label it says ‘Electric stimulation can be painful and even deadly if performed in an inappropriate or unsafe manner’. Now where were we? You were telling us about your non-electrosex erotica novels? Please continue.”

LH: “A man reading the instruction manual? I thought I’d never see the day…”

TL: “Really? That’s what you’re going with? Think you’re in a good position to sass me?”

(TL turns the box back on)

LH: “Ahhh. No. Sorry. I’m sorry.”

TL: “I should think so. Now, you were saying. About your book?” (TL turns off the box)

LH: (Panting to catch her breath) “The… the book shows Abby being teased right to the edge of orgasm and kept there until Will says otherwise. She wants to obey him, wants to hold on, but can she? And what will he do if she can’t? I’m also delighted to be able to show off my new cover by the wonderful Blue Harvest Creative.”

TL: “Interesting! Giving me ideas, Liv. Great cover, too. Oh yeah. And, one more thing, while I have you here, what were you saying about male erotica authors encountering discrimination? Surely you’re not disagreeing with me?”

LH: “Well, actually, when I ran a discussion on my blog about it, most of the women who commented said they’d be really interested to read more male …”

(TL flips the switch and watches her convulse, squirm, and squeal as he turns it up two more notches)

LH: “NO! Oh no! You’re right! We discriminate! Women aren’t used to reading smut written by men! You’re right!” (TL turns it off, LH gasps and moans)

TL: “I knew I was right.” (TL smiles and reaches into the black case for another toy) “Do you smell that? I think that’s the scent of burnt nipples.”

LH: (Liv groans) “What are you doing now?” (LH squirms, craning her neck around to see what TL is doing as he steps behind her)

TL: “This goes into your--”

LH: “Ahhh stop!”

TL: “Yes, that’s right. Now let’s see just how much power this thing can put out before the batteries go dead.”

(TL cranks the switch all the way to its highest setting and flips the switch)

TL: “Now, when’s the book out? And tell me how everyone can get a hold of you or you will be sorry!”

LH: “Okay, okay! Coming, Ready or Not will be out on 30th May on Amazon and… and my blog is You can find me on Facebook at and Twitter My... owww! My Goodreads page is and my Amazon page is
Ouch! Okay, wait. Now when am I getting paid for this interview?”

TL: “Yeah, about that. The check’s in the mail!”

(LH glares at Travis and then speculatively eyes the two men still guarding the door.)

LH: “Hmmm, I don’t suppose there’s any possibility I could keep one of them instead? Wherever did you get them from? Did you borrow them from Ellora’s Cave?”

TL: “We can discuss that later. When I’ve finished interro… I mean, interviewing you.”

(TL reaches into another drawer with a wicked grin)

LH: “Uh, hang on, what are you doing? I didn’t sign up for this. No, I’ve already told you everything! I really have.”

TL: “I don’t believe you.”

LH: “Nooooo. Put down the cattle prod!”

----------------------------- ~ * ~ --------------------------------

Liv’s Bio:

When not writing about delicious, hot male dominants and the female subs who love them, I’m usually doing something craft-like, reading, baking, eating the results of said baking, and attempting to satisfy the demands of His High and Mighty Dominance (the cat!). My first story, Imagine, was published with Silver Moon Books last year and Coming, Ready or Not will be published May 30th.


  1. Thanks so much for interviewing me, Travis. Safely back home now, sadly without one of those gorgeous guys of yours ;)

  2. great interview! I'm glad I was first... you were way meaner to poor Liv! :)

  3. Thanks, Penny :). You know, my hair was straight when I arrived. Not any longer! ;)

  4. LOL...Great interview. Glad you survived it, Liv. I love your book cover.

    1. Thanks, Kiru :). I'm so happy with the book cover :). Let's just say I'm sitting down *carefully* today lol

  5. Yes indeed, a great interview. As one who knows Liv's writings, she doesn't lose her sense of humor while she's writing even the most erotic passages. I deplore your behaviour toward her, Travis. You were not nearly hard enough on her! :)

    1. Well, I'll have to make sure I give it to her harder the next time around.

      Watch out Liv!

  6. :-O Hey, you two. Stop ganging up on me! *looks round for back up*

  7. Loved the interview & I'm sure I'll love the book.

  8. Very naughty you two! Glad I got a chance to witness it!

    1. Guess that makes you a voyeur? Always fun to meet ladies who like to watch. :)

    2. Glad you enjoyed it, Rosanna :)

  9. A very entertaining interview!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Karen, and thank you for commenting :)

  10. A great interview, but just one little thing... You really shouldn't pass electrostimulation through the chest cavity. Genitals YES nipples NO. :)