Monday, May 6, 2013

Iniquitous Solace: THE AFTERMATH

We last visited with Penelope Jones, a.k.a. "Bad Penny" and her friend Max, for the pending release of their coauthored poetry compilation titled Iniquitous Solace.  We had Bad Penny all tied up, played with some power tools, and had loads of wicked BDSM fun.

But as these things sometimes go, life happened, shit happened, and Bad Penny emerged solitary, with a newly inspired poetry compilation. Come walk a mile in Penny's shoes (or striped socks) and experience her life, love, erotic bliss, and the aftermath:

We all want to fall in love and for it to last a lifetime. But life and wishes rarely coincide, so what happens when love dies and you're the only one still holding onto broken dreams?

In Iniquitous Solace - The Aftermath, we get a glimpse into the world of one such lovelorn poetess. Come laugh and love with Penelope as she shares her very soul through her heartfelt words and poetic verse. With this girl you get it all; come walk in her shoes, wear her stripy knee-socks, or even her collar that locks! Though battered and bruised, you will love the spirit that defies disappointment. Penelope Jones picks herself up, dusts herself off and stares life straight back in the eye.

Iniquitous Solace - The Aftermath. For a different kind of love.

"Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath" includes romantic, erotic, angry relationship poetry intended for mature/adult audiences.

*Approximately 8,200 words

You can find Penelope Jones…


Twitter: @Penelope_Prose

Fetlife: TheVeryBadPenny


  1. Thank you so much Travis for doing this... It was the best surprise on a Monday morning!!! Snuggles!

    Love and Licks,
    Bad Penny

    1. You're very welcome! I wish I would have gotten to it around the actual release date.

      Better late than never.