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Obtaining the key to success in any area of life...

...depends on social ETIQUETTE skills.


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It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or where you want to go, if you don’t have the proper social etiquette the doors to success will not easily open for you. Our society is based on social interactions, from obtaining our first job to landing large promotions, starting our own business, traveling in foreign countries, enrolling in universities, or speaking about causes and experiences closest to us.

Social etiquette is at the heart of success.

Social etiquette is a universal language that knows no boundaries.

˃˃˃ Those who master social etiquette feel comfortable, confident, and able to communicate effectively in any social situation.

THE KEY CLASS is your go-to-guide for mastering social and business etiquette. Taught by world-renowned special event producer John Daly, The Key Class presents a rare and unique program custom tailored to fit the needs of any organization, school, corporation, or individual. Although the keys to social and business etiquette are universal, there is no one-size-fits-all route to achieving personal success.

The Key Class works with you to meet your own individual goals.

˃˃˃ Through Partners in Education, The Key Class is currently being taught in the majority of high schools in the Santa Barbara, California School System.

Whether you are an educator seeking a valuable social skills resource for your students, a professional student needing that extra edge in job searching, a foreigner who needs to know American etiquette, a returning veteran, or a director of a non-profit or corporation looking for ways to increase employee value within your organization, The Key Class has the unique trajectory to help you reach those goals.


The purpose of The Key Class is to teach the tools of successful social and business skills for anyone, especially youth, who wants to succeed in life. In both personal and professional situations, every society has traditions in place that determine the way people are judged by the people they meet. Understanding these guidelines in society can make or break a person in social and business circles.

The Key Class teaches students how to get along with others, behave properly and treat others respectfully in the workplace or in social situations.

Along with being informative, The Key Class is user-friendly and fun! The use of high-energy interactive teaching methods increases student participation and enhances the learning environment. A series of four classes provides lecture, interactivity and role-playing to give students the knowledge to enter worlds that might not otherwise be achievable without it.

The course covers a variety of techniques, including:
  • communications technology modifications, involving cell phones, email and social media
  • handling applications;
  • research;
  • securing appointments;
  • phone etiquette;
  • proper introductions;
  • positive body language;
  • conversing;
  • following up after an interview;
  • creating an effective resume;
  • what to wear and what etiquette to use for interviews that take place over a meal;
  • financial literacy.
Participants will leave with a complete understanding of the necessary skills to succeed in both their work and life environments and the tools for a successful job search and/or college entrance.

Take a class from the Key Class and get job winning interview skills now!



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JOHN DALY, an award-winning, internationally-renowned event designer and producer, was dubbed the “Guru of Event Design” by Special Events Magazine 28 years ago. The title is the result of his creative talent and teaching thousands of his peers all his secrets. His name alone at event conventions packs a ballroom with those who sit at his feet and hang on his every word.

But today, John Daly is changing the lives of others in a different way. As a young adult, he made a hobby of protocol and etiquette and learned how they affected events he was producing.  He researched etiquette everywhere he traveled to learn why businesspeople followed specific social behaviors and credits his later business success working with international governments and corporations to this research.

At the same time, he became a Court-Appointed Special Advocate and began mentoring teens.  Realizing that these young people had never been taught manners or how to go about getting a job, John began using his outstanding teaching abilities to provide them with the necessary interviewing tools to sucessfuly secure a job or college entrance.  With that, THE KEY CLASS was born, and has spread from the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse’s Teen Court to unemployed workers to the schools of Santa Barbara Country through Partners in Education. 


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