Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Here's the latest headline in the world of disinformation, half truths, and sales pitches:

The Literary Darknet of Independent Publishing

What is a DARKNET?  And what the hell does it have to do with erotica?  Well, that's like asking "what is a separatist?"  

Answer: Its a word used by those with an agenda, a dangerous sounding word to label things as BAD, EVIL, WICKED.

Now, the word of the day is DARKNET, reminiscent of wicked Darth Vader, who tells you he is your father, and you must join him in the literary DARKNET.   

You don't know the power of the DARKNET!

Digital Book World, and the Book Genome Project, has likened-compared-associated self-published erotic/romantic fiction to the nasty underground DARKNET of illicit internet activity operating through highly secretive DARKNET websites that governments routinely hunt down, shut down and prosecute.

How does this have anything to do with self-published erotic/romantic fiction on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Kobo?  

We are supposed to assume that somehow there's a connection.  

Even though there is absolutely no evidence that self-published fiction has any connection with illicit DARKNET websites.

That is only the first of several misconceptions created by this editorial-sensational sales pitch. 

The Book Genome Project (BGP) has purportedly analyzed gazillions of books across all genres in order to catalog content.  Why?  Because they want to sell their software-service to book retailers.  The wake of the tabloid clickbait erotica scare, started by THE KERNEL in the UK, is the perfect platform for BGP to take the podium and sell the world their badly needed services.

Here's BGP's horrifying statistics of self-published erotica: 
(This is a screen shot from the Digital Book World's blog post)

Beware the power of the piechart

The problem with these jaw-dropping, shocking statistics, there are no sales numbers.

HERE'S THE DISCLAIMER found towards the bottom, hidden beneath all the neon-colored pie charts: (emphasis added by me) 

"There are no sales numbers in this data. As with any long tail, it’s likely irrelevant how many books on a topic are available compared to how many people are reading them. After all, does it matter that there is really objectionable content in the long tail of the book market if no one ever sees or purchases it? As a percentage of sales volume, they could be virtually invisible."


So, all this data, all these bright neon charts, all the worldwide media scare, all this worldwide book banning and ridiculous posturing, is for books that could be virtually invisible. Books that no one ever sees or purchases.

Thanks to sensationalist clickbait tabloids filled with misdirection and derogatory lies, ALL SELF-PUBLISHED EROTICA is now suspect, and a target for removal worldwide. I guess the DARKNET will be relegated to Young Adult fiction in the near future....

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  1. I've been on the Darknet. The .onion sites have a lot of good stuff. But there are a lot of very nasty things there. I saw a couple of things that I can't unsee, and I've since deleted the TOR browser.