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GEMINI MOON ~ Paperback Giveaway & Preorders @scrittrice #Romance #Mystery #Nov #ASMSG

In celebration of the release of Maria Grazia Swan's new Romantic Suspense novel, GEMINI MOON, her publisher Gemma Halliday is having a giveaway!  On November 21st, give a like to Gemma Halliday's facebook  for a chance to win an authentic Murrina from Venice:

And also in celebration of the coming new release, you can win a paperback of Gemini Moon via the GOODREADS giveaway!

From acclaimed author Maria Grazia Swan comes a story of suspense, romance, and psychological games that will leave you breathless...

Italian-born Lella York leads a very predictable life as an average housewife in Southern California... until a strange encounter on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy predicts a very different future.

Upon returning from her vacation, Lella is shocked to find that her best friend, Ruby, has not only accidentally shot her own husband, but also mysteriously disappeared. To Lella's horror, her son Kyle is accused of kidnapping the missing woman. And the fact that he is driving around in the dead husband's Ferrari Testarossa is not helping his case. With her son in jail, her best friend vanished, and her life turning into a soap opera, the last thing Lella expects to encounter is a police lieutenant who gets her heart racing in more ways than one. Homicide Lieutenant Devin stirs feelings in Lella that she hasn't felt since becoming a widow four years ago. But can she trust his agenda? Lust, guilt, and confusion mix together in a dangerous game of cat and mouse as Lella tries to untangle the web of lies and deceit that's quickly closing in around her.

What Critics are saying about Maria Grazia Swan’s books:

“Swan gives mystery lovers a story that will not disappoint. Injected with a touch of romance and moments of levity that do not dampen the tension of the mystery, 'Love Thy Sister,' is well written, dramatic, and a treat to read.”
- The Fiction Forum, 4 star review 

All of the characters are very cleverly drawn, secrets unfold, and red-herrings abound, and just when I thought I knew who the killer was, the author leads in different direction.
- RP Dahlke, Author of Amazon bestselling Dead Red Series novels

Praises for Bosom Bodies

...If you like a lighthearted fun frolic set through a fresh voice, then this new series by Swan will fulfill your needs and garner the author a new following
- Mark P. Sandler-Suspense Magazine

Love Thy Sister

By the end of the book, I was suspecting nearly every one of everything. Love Thy Sister is nicely done. 
- Mary Lynn,

Swan has it down cold in her debut novel: clean prose and a well-oiled plot make a compelling read. 
- Noreen Ayres, author of the Smokey Brandon series

Swan's fascinating characters, and the fast pace of this absorbing novel will keep you reading nonstop to the end. 
- Jude Morris, co-moderator - EPPRO (Electronically Published Professionals)

Maria Grazia Swan was born in Italy, but this rolling stone has definitely gathered no moss. She lived in Belgium, France, Germany, in beautiful Orange County, California where she raised her family, and is currently at home in Phoenix, Arizona—but stay tuned for weekly updates of Where in the World is Maria Grazia Swan?

As a young girl, her vivid imagination predestined her to be a writer. She won her first literary award at the age of fourteen while living in Belgium. As a young woman Maria returned to Italy to design for—ooh-la-la—haute couture. Once in the U.S. and after years of concentrating on family, she tackled real estate. These days her time is devoted to her deepest passions: writing and helping people find happiness.

Maria loves travel, opera, good books, hiking, and intelligent movies (if she can find one, that is). When asked about her idea of a perfect evening, she favors stimulating conversation, spicy Italian food and perfectly chilled Prosecco—but then, who doesn’t?

Maria has written short stories for anthologies, articles for high profile magazines and numerous blogs tackling love and life. She engaged her editorial and non-fiction skills for Boomer Babes: Tales of Love and Lust in the Later Years. Her romantic suspense novels Love Thy Sister and Bosom Bodies are available at

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