Thursday, November 14, 2013

THE FUSSY LIBRARIAN brings you free-discounted books DAILY #FreeBooks #Freebie #Nov #ASMSG

Readers, how would you like to get emailed a handful of ebooks custom curated for your unique genre preferences?

What if they were FREE books, or steeply discounted?

Authors, how would you like to have your free-discounted books emailed out to thousands of fans of your genre?

Would you be willing to pay for this customized list?  

What if this service was FREE? (for a limited time)

What is The Fussy Librarian?
We’re a daily ebook recommendation service that matches readers with books that they’ll love.

A lot of readers will say, “I already know what I like to read.” 
True, everyone has a list of favorite authors. But for each author on your list, I bet there are 50 more that you’d love – if you only knew about them. And perhaps your favorite author has a book on sale and you weren’t aware.
So much has changed in just five years. The ebook never has to go out of print. Ever. Think about the implications of that. The number of choices out there is expanding rapidly and it’s only going to accelerate. Some of those books aren’t very good, to be honest. That’s where we can help.

What's different about The Fussy Librarian? How does it work?
At its heart, the most important part of any book-recommendation website is "the match" -- are you going to receive tips about books that you’ll really like in your daily email?

So we set out to create a better match than anyone else. We offer 40 genre choices – including seven categories in romance and seven in mystery/thriller. We're the only website that gives you content preferences regarding language, violence and sexual situations. If you like your novels without profanity, for example, all of your recommended books will be free of foul language. We also have "I read everything" buttons and some choices in the middle.

We'll keep adding categories and content options in the future.
What kind of readers will enjoy The Fussy Librarian?
Anyone who reads fiction, to be honest. We already have a huge number of books lined up in mystery, thriller, romance, women’s fiction, fantasy, young adult … the response from authors so far has been amazing.
We do offer nonfiction books, but they’re a very small part of the site right now.

Who is this Fussy Librarian woman anyway? She's unlike any librarian I've ever heard of.
Don’t let the hair bun fool you. It turns out she's a master mechanic, an expert on French cooking, and she practices the ancient martial art of Bokator. You do not want to meet her in a dark alley, trust me.

But why is she so fussy?
That’s an excellent question. Like all superheroes, it probably goes back to her childhood.

You’re not going to tell me who she is, are you?
Heck, even I don’t know her true identity. I’m just grateful she’s using her talents for good and not, you know, bioengineering new Kardashians for reality television shows or creating WMD for North Korea.


  1. I'd love to be on that list, but I only have 7 reviews so she won't even consider A Menu of Death.

  2. I filled the entire form out only to realize she doesn't have a category for short stories or holiday romance. Oh well! LOL