Monday, August 26, 2013

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HERS TO CHERISH (Verdantia #3)

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Genre: Fantasy/Futuristic Romance 
M/f (Shibari Rope Bondage BDSM)

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Who would’ve thought a rogue nobleman and a secret agent tied in shibari knots would be so instrumental in saving a world from sexual slavery.

Ramsey desperately needs a pardon. The catch: Win a grueling and bloody gladiator game. His consolation: Elite mercenary, Steffania Rickard, has been ordered to help DeKieran ~ posing as his sexual submissive. 


When Ramsey DeKieran, disgraced nobleman and accused murderer, is offered a pardon Ram knows there'd be a catch. The High Lord of Verdantia offers him a clean slate in exchange for the off-world rescue of a Verdantian noblewoman ~ a suicide mission that has already cost the lives of good men. The one redeeming feature is the assistance of the stunning captain of Verdantia’s elite mercenary team. 


For Captain Steffania Rickard, assisting DeKieran in the rescue of a woman critical to the future of Verdantia will be difficult enough. The rogue trips all her triggers ~ good and bad. Infinitely worse, to fit into the culture of Vxloncia, she must pose as Ram's sex slave. The sexually dominant Ramsey is nothing if not perceptive and Steffania doubts her carefully disguised and deeply hidden desires will remain concealed. 


Their mission takes on new meaning when they unmask a heinous program of enslavement, long cloaked in secrecy. Together they must find a way to overcome their initial animosity and recover a woman vital to the future of their race. Together, they would have to bring a malicious entity to justice. In the maelstrom of sex, savagery, domination and submission, Ram and Steffania will need all their wits and strength to survive.

Follow the Verdantians to out-of-their-world pleasure!

See what reviewers have to say about HERS TO CHERISH:

★★★★★ "This story has everything I look for in a SciFi romance: great characters, well written story, great sex scenes, bad aliens, alien cultures and alien technology"

★★★★★ "Holy hot as Hades. If you want an erotic, dominant, romantic hero, immerse yourself here."

★★★★★ "I've liked Ram since he was introduced in book 2 (Hers to Choose) and have been wanting to read more about him. I was not disappointed in this book. Ram is a hot, possessive, badass alpha male and I loved him!"

 ~ Patricia Knight ~ Erotic Romance ~ 
calorie-free, guilty pleasures you will indulge in again and again.

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  1. Your new release sounds great! I'm excited to read it!

  2. Hi Patricia,
    I would love to read HERS TO CHERISH! I am no longer in Goodreads and I don't Twitter. I 'liked' your page in FB a long time ago though. :-)

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  3. I loved it!!! This fit so perfectly into the series and gave us more to look forward to, thank you!

  4. It's my fave in the Verdantia series so far! I can't wait to see what's next!