Monday, August 5, 2013

VOTE >> The New Face of NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK #Paranormal #Erotic #Romance #Thriller #ASMSG

I have one of the best cover artists available, Ida Janssen, with Amygdaladesign

I decided my cover art needed something a little more appropriate for paranormal erotic romance.  and though I love my covers, I had to admit they are more geared towards 'thriller' novels. The NIGHTLIFE SERIES has many aspects of a thriller novel, but it really needs cover art more true to form.  So I picked out a pile of images, and this is what she did:

I need help!!  Vote here for your favorite cover: 

Give your vote and your opinion, tell me why you like it best.  And the good news?  I will be doing this with two more covers this month!


Amygdala Design was started in October 2012 by Norwegian Graphic Designer Ida Jansson. The company specializes in Book Cover Design for self-publishing authors (“indie authors”) and publishers. Amygdala Design strive to offer the most professional designs and affordable prices on the market. Pre-Made covers are available from $60, and Custom-Made covers from $100. All book covers are available for ebooks and printed books, and the technical specs can be fitted for CreateSpace, Lulu etc.

(click the image to learn more about Amygdaladesign cover art)


  1. I love number 2. Number 1 is a tad too fragile. Number 2 says "I'm a hunter."

  2. Number 2 does seem to be the majority choice. I'm going to give it a while longer to see where the vote goes.

    This is a tough call for me, because I love all three images. My cover artist is perhaps too talented for me to decide.

    Thanks for the reasoning. I can see exactly what you mean.

    And yes, Michelle is definitely a hunter.


  3. Sorry, guys. I like 3 best. Hunter in the shadows...