Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deviantart Inspirational Imagery! #Vampire #Erotica #ASMSG

Who wants to go swimming with me?
I was cruising through Deviantart last night, looking for something, I don't even recall what, and I happened upon a series of artists I had never seen before, specifically vampire artists.

It was an orgy of vampiric imagery, the likes of which Bram Stoker never imagined in his wildest dreams of vampire debauchery. I just had to share them on my blog.  And, there's absolutely no way I can hold back from a twitter flurry of VAMPIRE SEXUAL FRENZY.

Just shut up and bite me already

The things I would pay her to do with that tongue....

You invited her over for dinner, but she's staying for desert,
 whether you want her or not...
I'll take that two for one deal all night long....
And lets finish this off with a little vampire menage...the more the merrier!

If you'd like to check out where these came from, start surfing deviantart. I began with the search terms 'Sexy Vampire' and that blew about three hours of my evening.

Until next time, or another installment of vampire orgy-fest.



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