Monday, January 20, 2014

Help design a SEX TOY & Win Patricia Knight's new novel! #NSFW #ASMSG

~~Design a SEX TOY Contest via PATRICIA A. KNIGHT!~~
Design a futuristic sex toy Patricia can use in
 her new release, Hers To Claim 
and get your name in the acknowledgments!
(It's okay if you want to use an alias...LOL)

Here's the deal:

The hero in my current WIP (work in progress) is a sexual dominant.
One of his favorite past-times is erotically teasing the sexually repressed heroine.
But what would the sex toys look like in a future world on a primitive planet lacking AA and AAA batteries...or electricity?
MMM...probably not.

So...what sort of toys might he use to keep the object of his attention quivering on the tips of her toes?

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before! (cue the music).
Allow your imagination to run amuck. What shapes and colors would they take? What strange lifeforms could be adapted? Like quivering, pulsing oystery things or darty little nano-botts.
Indulge in kinky visions of the impossible future that would
make a Vulcan faint... 
Or a Klingon shudder...

        Then SHARE!
If I use your "toy" in my book, you get credits in the acknowledgment (yes, if you want I'll use an alias :) AND
and a signed copy of my book:
NO!!! not THAT book
Send your emails with descriptions and pictures to
Contest ends when the edits begin -- mid-March. The winner will be posted on my website.
Have fun!
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