Sunday, March 9, 2014

FIFTY SHADES OF RED ~ A an erotic author's embarrasing foray into audiobook recordings #ASMSG #Erotica

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I have long considered how to handle audiobooks. I encountered this very same issue on an internet radio interview.

I had sent the interviewers an email with an excerpt of my novel, a particularly racey scene. There were 3-4 hosts of this interview, all taking turns asking me questions, and I am pretty sure they were drawing straws to see who would get stuck reading this wicked excerpt.

They chose a man to read it (shortest straw and all that), and he butchered it so badly, I was physically cringing, wishing I could somehow take it all back. But, this was being recorded, live.

At that moment I realized it would take a special kind of person to be able to read my novels aloud. *Definitely not me*

Patricia actually read two of my excerpts for recordings that I now have on Youtube, and they turned out awesome!

So, if anyone can do it, I know she can. Burka or no Burka, even in a paper bag and blindfolded, I know Patricia can do this.



  1. I know what she means. I can write it, but I even get embarrassed to read my books aloud to my husband (but I do it anyway). Knowing I couldn't do it, I hired a narrator for my first audiobook, Daddy Morebucks. The narrator did a great job, but I found myself cringing even to hear her read it as I proofed the recording. Not because of her narration, which was awesome, but because it made me neurotic to hear my work read back to me. It reminded me of how some actors don't watch their own movies because it makes them uncomfortable.

    All that said, I love audiobooks and I hope more authors will make them!

  2. Hi Normandie!

    I originally tried to find someone to do this for me. I tried. My publisher tried. We listened to audition tapes. Sigh. In a moment of frustration, I might have huffed, "Put me in a sound studio. I'll do it!" So...yeah...that'll teach me to pay attention to what I say. LOL I've been stricken with a cold so tomorrow will be my first day at it again. We are 60% through the book and while it is incredibly hard, it is also incredibly fulfilling.