Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random Vampire Smuttery Part 2: PINTEREST #Vampires #Smexy #ASMSG

Come on baby light my fire....

I thought deviantart had some serious vampire smuttery going on. Then, a few days ago, I blew several hours surfing Pinterest and found a treasure trove of vampire baddassary (vampire porn if you will). 

I started my own little stash, my go-to spot for vampire awesomesauce and inspiration:  

Let me share a little bit with you here on my blog - there's already a smuttery warning tag, so, you know what to expect:

Blood really brings out the worst in some girls.

Blood remains for those who awakened from their past lives as the more relevant of non-human species to humanity, from vampires to elves.
Keep the blood flowing, and maybe she'll remove the rest of her clothes.

No collection of vampire smuttery would be complete without some lesbian action.

Revenge of the vampire lesbian menage a trois,
vampire smuttery at its very best.

Until next time, when I blow another evening surfing through wondrous realms of macabre depravity on Pinterest. I got a feeling I have only scratched the surface thus far.


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