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Recording An Erotic Audiobook ~Day 1~ #Erotica #Pubtalk #ASMSG


  • Recording My Erotic Audio Book - Day 1

    Posted:Tue, 11 Mar 2014 02:05:17 GMT
    Sunfire Studio, Dallas, Texas Monday - March 10, 2014 :
         When I considered what it might be like recording my first erotic audio book, I imagined a room of complicated sound boards  with me isolated in full, embarrassing view of audio geeks with the heavy "Buddy Holly" coke bottle glasses repaired in the middle with a band-aid, stringy hair in a bad comb-back and spotty complexions. Worst case, I imagined pasty, bible-thumping, Mormons who gave me the stink-eye for three hours straight.

         Reality turned into a private recording closet...a small room with carpet and baffle-covered walls and ceiling, an upholstered chair -- though I chose to stand-- a microphone, an easle, and moi. Here I could easily slip into my own intimate world and nothing would intrude to break the fantasy of the spoken word.

         When I poked my head out the door, there at compact digital soundboards, sat two handsome young men in their mid-twenties who simply could not have been more charming. I mean really charming. I've been on dates that were more awkward and I wasn't spouting "clitoris " and "cock-head" and reading a breathy description of cunnilingus in excrutiating detail.  

      Matt Lamb and Phillip Westbrook of  Sunfire Studios  went out of their way to make me comfortable. When I asked if they realized  this was to be a recording of an erotic audio book, to their credit, they didn't squirm at all. As a matter of fact, there might have been a subtle fist pump involved and a small bet settled, but I could have imagined that. If I can get them to agree, I'll post a picture of Phillip and Matt tomorrow.    
     According to Phillip and Matt, the ins and outs of getting a good audio recording are fairly basic. It involves maintaining the same distance from the microphone at all times. For this set up, six inches was optimal. Don't hit the microphone or mic stand and ditto with the easel. Those small taps register as bumps on the audio recording.  At first blush this would seem fairly easy, however, six inches is not very far away and when you are turning pages, etc., it is easy to hit either stand.

         And finally, try to keep your volume and intensity of tone consistent throughout the reading. I was  quite happy with Matt's occasional, "Why don't you do that again, Patricia,  starting with, "bla, bla, bla". I think you can get more out of it." He also reassured me that the timber and pitch of my voice was least I hadn't brought all the stray neighborhood dogs to the doorstep--yet.   

         At the end of three hours when I heard the play back, I didn't run screaming. Hey, I'd pay money for that. Furthermore...I'm looking forward to tomorrow. This was fun! 

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