Monday, April 7, 2014

A little something different for The Nightlife Series ... a MAN on the cover? #Smexy #Paranormal #Erotica #ASMSG

If both her hands are occupied,
then what is that I feel behind me....

The Nightlife Series is going to SAN ANTONIO for a bit of madness and mayhem, Mexican cartel style. This time, I decided to do something a little bit different for the cover art ... A MAN.

Confession time, yes, I did sleep with your sister,
but, I didn't enjoy it, honest.

So, my cover artist is diligently working to put together covers from these MALE images. Well, the ladies have been saying, why don't you have any MEN on your covers? Cause I'm a guy, and I like to see half-naked badass vampire chicks. Duh.

Hey, I got this itch, just a little lower,
won't you scratch it?

So, I had to do this one for the ladies. So, tell me, which of these manly manflesh images would you like to see on the cover of NIGHTLIFE SAN ANTONIO? (Coming May 2014)

Leave a comment, let me know what you think, A, B, or C?



  1. I am partial to the nakedness of C!

  2. I'm not really sure about any of these. it would depend of the character. None of the men above look like vampires to me. Too much flesh and muscles. :) Perhaps B

    Kiru Taye Writes

    1. Ah Kiru! Now that is the key to the whole thing.

      The man is not a vampire. But she is....