Monday, April 28, 2014

THE SPOILS OF ALLSVEIL by @Stephonavich ~ #99Cent New Release! #Fantasy #Romance #ASMSG

Stephanie McKibben, Author - A Dirty Blog
New Release: The Spoils of Allsveil
Available on Kindle for 99¢ this week only‼

Murder. Marriage. Forgiveness. The kingdom of Allsveil is the chessboard, and the royals are the pieces.
Two noble families meet in a whirlwind of battle, conquest, hate, and passion.

When a neighboring army conquers her home, Princess Alexia is forced to marry her father’s murderer, Darrin, the new king's young prince. While Alexia grapples with revenge and flirtation, finding her own strength in the process, the new king, Goththor, seeks forgiveness from his queen and from himself. Two generations learn that the game of chess is nothing compared to the game of love and forgiveness...

Play chess with a princess...get your copy today!

This, dear reader, is a story for you. Yes, I craft all my stories for you, but this one is special. I can only attribute it's creation to the suggestions of my readers. I have no memory of where the story came from, what it's origins are or how the whole thing came to be. Only that I wanted a "Taming of the Shrew" type story. It's working title was "Princess Bitch, Thee I Wed" but, I somehow don't think some distributors would appreciate the name--even if that title did better in testing. 

This story tells the tale of two characters from their point of view--Princess Alexia and King Goththor. In the process of this story, I started another that began as a short story some of you beta read for me. The consensus was "YES, make this a full length story" and it will be a continuation of the FAMILY not the characters. Without giving away spoilers it will be about Princess Alexia's grandson. 

But the real part I wanted to tell you about was this is at a I love my readers price of 99¢ for one week from today (Friday April 25th, 2014). So I suggest you play chess with a princess and get your copy today!! Happy reading!! 

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